Thursday, January 27, 2011

Late Pregnancy Revelations

You may remember these posts: Early Pregnancy Revelations and Mid Pregnancy Revelations. Both in which I reveal all of my acquired knowledge... haha, or something to that tune! ;-) I still don't look very pregnant, still have an amazing husband, and babies are still expensive. Those things don't change, regardless of the time in your pregnancy! ;-)

Some new things I have begun to realize....

- My little boy is STRONG. Ok, maybe he's just a normal baby, but I haven't ever been pregnant before, so I'm not used to all of this movement. Some of his stretches, kicks, jabs, whatever, really hurt! Especially when he feels the need to stretch out his legs.... into my ribs. That is not comfortable!

- When you see pregnant ladies having a hard time bending over... don't laugh at them. I really think I am a small pregnant lady. Most people at church who just got my baby shower invitation told me that they didn't even know I was expecting! haha! And I see these people every Sunday! So, yes, I'm little. Therefor I did not think I would have problems with day-to-day tasks, such as bending down to tie my shoes, putting socks on, or even clipping my toenails. Boy was I wrong! I don't think it's necessarily that my belly is getting in the way... more so that my lungs just really don't have ANY room. I run out of air quickly when I bend down, which is not fun! Oh, it's also really hard to kneel down and then try to get back up, haha! In church when we genuflect, I really like to put my knee all the way to the ground..... well... that might be ending soon!

- This may not be pregnancy specific, but I am addicted to amazon. Granted it is a good addiction in some ways, because I have found some pretty good deals! For instance our camera that I got for $100 less than in stores! Or, our mobile that I got for $20 less than retail! Bargain shopping is fun.

- Sleep is hard to come by. If I'm not getting up to go pee, then I just plain can't get comfortable. Or, I have horrible heartburn, or leg cramps.... you name it. Plus, snuggling is a thing of the past which makes me really sad. I have a huge maternity pillow on one side of me, then another regular pillow wedged up against my back for more support. Poor Darren barely has any room on the bed, and hates that he can't snuggle up with me!

- There are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. We've been trying to get our upstairs ready for baby, plus guests, and so have neglected the downstairs... you know, dishes, laundry, cleaning in general. It's driving me crazy but I just don't have time! Plus, when I want so desperately to go to sleep at 10pm, but can't until 11 because we're still running around doing stuff, then I get frustrated and even more tired. Oye. I know it's only going to get worse! Oh joy!

- Weight gain, although perfectly normal, is still hard to come to grips with. When you've weighed X amount all of your life pretty much, and then you get on the scale and see all of these new digits... it's quite scary! But, then I remember that at least it is mostly baby, fluid, breasts, etc... and not necessarily that my butt is getting huge or my thighs. lol. 

I'm sure there are more things, but I can't think of them right now. I'm only getting to blog because our computers are down at work, haha. Guess I could be filing... oops! ;-) There are exactly two months until my due date as of today. Wow. Can't wait to meet our little boy! Darren tells me to "cook him faster"... haha! I wish! But, remember.... we don't have time for him yet! ;-) Or energy for that matter!

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  1. Have you guys thought about switching sides on the bed? I slept with my pregnancy pillow EVERY NIGHT starting around 20 weeks since I wasn't fortunate enough to be small (haha) and in order for Evan to cuddle with me, we just switched sides. That way, I didn't need the "back" support ... he WAS my back support!