Friday, January 28, 2011

You know you're a cheapo when...

... You're currently pregnant, yet you consider buying a box of pregnancy tests simply because you have a $3 off coupon, and you remember how much those dang things cost so $3 off is a lot of dough! ;-)

Just a little humor for your Friday morning. I may or may not have been the subject of this post. haha!


  1. No you know you're CRAZY when you even consider buying any. Those things could be FREE and I want as FAR AWAY as possible from them!! haha. By the time I want to get pregnant again, they'll have some new technology and pregnancy tests will be a thing of the past. ; )

  2. hahaha! True, true! ;-) I figure it'll be our luck that it took so long to get baby #1 that baby #2 will come right away and scare the crap out of us! I hope they create something that you don't have to pee on! So awkward!