Monday, January 24, 2011

3D/4D Ultrasound!

Last week we went to Midland to my specialist doctor (well that's what I like to call him) for a 3D/4D Ultrasound. Apparently the difference is between images and video. The 4th dimension in ultrasound land is time, so video would be in 4D! It was really a wonderful experience, even though we had to pay for it out of pocket. You see, insurance companies do not believe that you "need" a 3D ultrasound, because quite frankly you don't! They can tell more on a 2D scan then they can in 3D. Therefor, that's why most ultrasounds are only done in 2D. Anyway, Darren and I decided that we would spend the money to go do it.... it's really just a great excuse to see your baby again, but in a whole new light! Little man was squished up against the side of my placenta almost the whole time, so part of his face didn't scan well. This made for some interesting images! At first I thought he looked like a dinosaur, lol! The scan was going through his skin to his skeleton so it looked a little freaky. I didn't think going in to it that I was going to get a good image of what my baby was going to look like once he is born, and I'm glad that I didn't hope for that! I just wanted to see him! It was so neat to see him in "real life". On the video we watched him yawn, stick out his tongue, kick, and I think suck on his hand some. Our little boy is quite the gymnast! He's not like a normal baby that is in the fetal position with their knees tucked up to their chest... oh no... our little guy has his legs totally bent in half to where his feet are at his head! However, he sometimes stretches them out, but then puts them back up! Too funny! That would explain why even though he's head down I feel kicks low still! At one point the scan went through his eyelid so we could see his iris. This was a little creepy looking too, but at the same time it was neat! They said that we could go in and try again if we weren't satisfied with the pictures, but really, he's running out of room! I doubt if we went back in and tried that we'd get any better pictures or video. So, we stuck with what we got which was fine with me! =) Just so neat to see our little boy in his current state!

Here are some of the images that we received... it may be the face that only a mother can love for now, haha, but I know that he's going to come out so stinkin' cute! ;-)

My favorite because the nose and mouth are so clear!

Sticking out his tongue!

Possible sucking on his hand

That big clump at the top? Yes, that's his foot!

10 perfect toes!

The iris shot, lol..

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