Saturday, December 1, 2012

Clayton at 20 months!

I can't believe that my baby boy's monthly age now begins with a two. He's growing up so fast! This month he continued to amaze us with how smart he was. Seriously, I think the kid is going to be in Kindergarten when he's 3! Ok not really, but he is dang smart! Here are some highlights from this month!

-Can count to 10 by himself, if you say the first number he'll continue on
-Sings "Twinkle Twinkle", "The Bearkat song (The Garden City Alma Mater)", and the Alphabet song all of the time!
-Can get to G by himself in the alphabet, almost knows all of the letters when singing the song
-Puts together 3+ word sentences
-New favorite thing is to give us "ugs" (hugs) all of the time, especially Sister!
-Loves to "color pictures". His words!
-Knows all of the motions to "Itsy bitsy spider" and sings along
-Loves to play ring-around-the-rosie
-Obsessed with the Aggies. Anyone playing football is the Aggies and he will say "Go Aggies! Whoop!" at the TV as loud as he can. Every time he sees the block aTm or maroon he says Go Aggies Whoop!
-Almost always eats with a fork off of a plate
-Will hardly drink anything besides milk, but we don't offer juice
-Has to watch "Go Go" every morning. Go Go is the Cat in the Hat and he knows all of the words to the song and the characters names. But, that's the only TV we watch!
-Favorite food is cinnamon rolls. We eat them every weekend! =)
-Got to go to his second Aggies game but didn't do as well as when he was little! It was a struggle to keep him still!
-Loves to climb on everything by himself
-Almost has all of his teeth, minus the two year molars. The top and bottom canines are in and growing.
-Still wearing 18mo, size 3 diaper day/4 night, size 7 shoe. Big feet!
-Likes to blow his nose by himself and actually is good at it!
-Wants to wash himself in the bath, and loves having bubbles in the bath!
-Starting to learn the sign of the cross. Knows "Father" and "Holy" but not Son or Spirit, haha.
-Loves loves loves his baby sister and is SUCH a good big brother!

We love you so much, Clayton Scott! But, can you please stop growing up so fast? And stop thinking you're three already! ;-)