Friday, January 21, 2011

31 Week Survey

The 31 Week Survey

How far along?: 30 weeks and 6 days! Only 9 weeks to go!

Total weight gain:  28 pounds... how did that happen so fast?!

How big is baby?: 3 1/2 pounds, which would explain mommy's recent weight gain, and still holding strong somewhere around 17 or 18 inches long!

Maternity clothes?: All day every day! Even pj's are becoming a thing of trouble... I now wear all of Darren's clothes when lounging around the house!

Stretch marks?: Still no! Wow!

Sleep: Difficult. It's hard to get comfortable, and then the heartburn is sometimes unbearable! I promise I don't eat right before bed either, and I stay elevated after I eat.. but it's just killer some nights! Plus the leg cramps, and the fact that little boy likes to dance when I lay down. But, that's ok! It's all good!

Best moment this week: Our 3D/4D Ultrasound that we had! It was so amazing to see our little guy and really get a chance to bond with him! Oh I just can't wait to meet him!

Movement: There is almost no need for me to do my kick counts. It's almost comical how much he moves sometimes! Definitely an active baby! Even in the ultrasound we got a chance to see how much he moved!

Food cravings: Hmm, I don't think so. Well, I did want breakfast for dinner this evening, haha, because the strawberry jelly just looked so good!

Gender: Precious little baby boy!

Labor Signs: Negative! I asked my doctor if it was normal for me to not be having any braxton hicks and he said that some women just don't get any! I am definitely one that has not had hardly any contractions what so ever!

Belly Button in or out?
: Belly button? What belly button?! ;-)

What I miss:
I'm gonna have to go with the no heartburn thing, again! Seriously.... tums help, but not that much. Pretty much my only savior is to have a bowl of cereal before bed. Or just drink milk in general.

What I am looking forward to: Finishing up the nursery! Hutch is ordered and shipped, so just waiting on it to get here. The room is about half painted, and we're hopefully going to find a rug this weekend!

Weekly Wisdom:
Realize that not every pregnancy is the same. Some women are bigger, smaller, have different symptoms, etc... don't google yourself crazy because you may be a-typical. I believe I am much smaller than most women, and I've not had hardly any bad symptoms.... but that's ok! It seems as if God is throwing me a bone on this one! ;-)

Milestones: Baby boy can open and close his eyes, and apparently stick out his tongue and yawn! As seen in our 3D/4D ultrasound! haha! From babycenter:  Though you may feel like Baby kicks your ribs all the time now, he's actually spending the vast majority of his time sleeping. Gaining all that fat is tiring work! Baby's experience rapid eye movement (REM) sleep as well as deep sleep! He also experiences another state of consciousness: an undefined sleep-like state that is unlike an infant's or grownup's and comes from the immature state of his brain. As his lungs continue to mature, his chances of surviving outside the womb get better every day (though if he was born this week he could fit into a large man's hand). It's good that he's sleeping, even if you're not, as the baby is heading into a period of tremendous internal and external growth.

Growing like a weed! haha

Possibly the smallest 31 weeks pregnant lady!

 Fun(?) Facts:
- Breasts: 39"
- Waist at belly button: Almost 39"
- Hips: 38 1/2"
- Current weight: 141.6 - I can't believe it!

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  1. You are so radiant!! I wish I could be there to feel the baby moving!