Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pregnancy & Life Updates

This week was a busy week for doctor's appointments. First, I had another ultrasound in Midland on Monday so that they could check my placenta and check little boy's growth. So far he's right on schedule! I was 28w1d when I went, and he measured 28w0d. So, not too bad! He weighed a whopping 2 pounds 6oz! Not sure how they determine that, but that's ok! ;-) The ultrasound tech did mention that she still saw that my placenta was circumvellate, but the doctor did not mention anything when he came in. We kinda got screwed in my opinion on this appointment. We didn't have the same tech or doctor as last time. This doc was late by 30 minutes (meaning I was at their office for an hour and a half), the heater was broken in the office, and our pictures came out blurry because the tech didn't take enough time to do them. Bummer! We asked about a 3D one and she said that their machines don't do them well enough or something like that, so we'd have to go to Odessa and spend about $150. Hmm, I think I'll try the college again, because that is way too much! While at the Midland doc, my blood pressure measured way higher than normal. I think it was 140/80, which for me is really high. So that freaked them out and now I am having to do all of these extra labs, and a 24hr urine analysis... which believe me, SUCKS! This may be TMI, but oh well! I have to pee into this cup and then pour that into this bucket that I keep in the fridge. Gross, huh? I do this every time I go pee for 24 hours! They also did a CBC and are doing some sort of uriatic acid something or another when I go back in to drop off the collected pee, haha.

I saw Carylon yesterday for my regular OB checkup. My fundal height and baby's heart rate were great! He was squirming around like crazy, which made my nurse laugh. I love Carylon's nurse, Brandy. She's awesome! Anyway, I had to do my glucose screening for gestational diabetes, so I drank 10oz of the worst tasting, horribly sweet, orange liquid. It made my head spin there was so much sugar in there! 50g to be exact! I had to wait an hour before I got to go have my blood drawn for the test. They'll call me with the results in a few days. Hopefully I didn't fail it or else I'll have to go back for a 3 hour test. Carylon let me hang out in her office while I waited my hour, thank goodness, or else I would have been so bored in the waiting room by myself! Darren didn't get to go with me since we were short handed at work, sad! Plus, he's been super busy with customers lately! I guess that's a good thing! My blood pressure yesterday was perfectly normal. 110/72, which is about where it normally is. Carylon said she is not worried about my blood pressure and that it was probably a fluke thing, but that it is better safe than sorry, so we went ahead and did the labs anyway. As Evan said, and I'm going to paraphrase, not direct quote, you don't mess around with BP during pregnancy! ;-) hehe..

In other news, we're making progress on this whole "getting ready for baby" thing! I bought paint for the nursery yesterday, and this weekend we're going shopping for furniture! Hopefully we'll come back with some good stuff! I also found our pediatrician, and know that he is taking new patients, so that's good! I got us on the waiting list for the daycare in Garden City, so now I just have to find someone to keep him over the summer while they are still full. Hopefully they have an opening in the fall, or I am back to square one! Lastly, I got our packet in with all of the information on a college fund! Yahoo! Now, if only we had the money to put into it! ha! That's the only problem that we're stuck at for now, but we'll make it work! Scrimp, Save, Coupon....

I can't believe that we are less than 3 months away from meeting our little one! I am getting so excited! Oh, we have my shower planned too! Hooray! And, I've graduated to going to the doctor every two weeks now! Man, we're making progress! ;-) Only about 80 days to go! Can't wait!

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