Saturday, September 29, 2012

Five Months!

Happy Five Month Birthday, Reagan E!

You are no longer just a little baby! You're on your way to being a big girl! You are getting so good at sitting and can stay in upright in your boppy pillow to play with toys for a good while! You still roll over all of the time from back to tummy, and this month you started rolling from tummy to back! When you do it scares you and you cry! I don't think you understand why you're now looking at the ceiling! You can also stand flat footed really well! Mommy let you hold on to the table one day and you looked so big! You hardly spend any time in a bouncer anymore. Now it's just in the exersaucer or playing with toys on your tummy or in your bumbo.

After you received the green light to start solid foods at your 4 month check-up we began to feed you rice cereal. You sit in the high chair and look so tiny compared to your brother who takes up the whole chair! We have to strap you in or else you just lean over and chew on the tray! You actually like the rice cereal, unlike your brother who hated it! You normally eat the whole bowl! We feed you about an hour before bedtime, which is around 9pm.

Once we started the rice cereal, just as we did with your brother, we moved you to your crib upstairs! You were great right from the start! We do still battle to get you to try to sleep on your side or your stomach since we're still working on your head shape, but you do well with your pillow that is helping it round out! You now sleep from 9 until about 5, or sometimes later. Mommy then feeds you and you go back to sleep! There have only been a few times that we have gone longer than 8 hours between bottles, so we just make sure to try to feed you right before you go to sleep! You absolutely love this swaddle blanket that our good friend Melissa gave us before you were born. It's a light weight muslin material and you just love to hold it and put it over your face. Mommy bought another one just like it so that we always have a clean one!

You found your toes this month and it is so funny to watch you grab them every time we lay you down! You definitely "help" us change your diaper by doing this, haha! You can't reach your mouth with them yet, thank goodness, but you sure hold on to them tight with your fingers! One of your favorite activities is still blowing bubbles at us. Your brother loves to tell us when you have a bubble on your lip! ;-)

Speaking of your brother... you think he is the best thing since sliced bread! You smile so big every time you see him. This month you had your first BIG laughs. You both spent a good 5 minutes just belly laughing at each other. Mommy was nearly in tears - and I was the only one who heard it! You did give us another round of a few minutes where you two were "wrestling" and laughing. Daddy got it on video and it is adorable! He LOVES that you go to daycare with him, but it has been an adjustment. If you wake up during nap time and he hears you then HE wakes up during nap time and says "Sister! Wake!" haha! He watches out for you already though. We know he'll be a great big brother, even if you disagree with us later in life!!

You are still such a beautiful little girl. Your hair has neither fallen out nor grown in, hehe, so it is definitely looking a little thin! Your bangs in front are long and Mommy has to push them to the side! Your eyes are still such a gorgeous light shade of blue. So pretty! We just moved you up to 3-6 month clothes. You do still wear a bunch of your size 3 clothes that are from Carters. Your feet were outgrowing your PJ's and your body was outgrowing your onesies so that's why we bumped you up! At your 4 month checkup you were in the 68% for height and 42% for weight! We also just moved you up to a size 2 diaper as your others were getting small. Big girl! Growing fast! You have the cutest chunky thighs!

We love you so much and couldn't imagine life without you! You are such a perfect addition to our family! Happy Birthday my sweet Sister-Girl!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

So I don't forget...

Life has been "happening" too fast lately. I feel like I can hardly catch my breath, but I want to ensure that I remember all of these treasured moments that are taking place. Reagan's 5 month post has been written for about a week but I haven't had time to edit her photos and upload them... so there it sits. Our house has been FULL lately: Full of laughter, full of people, full of messes, full of love.....

We had Reagan's baptism this weekend. It was so much fun to have everyone come in and celebrate with us. She was beautiful in the dress that her Gia adorned for her. This will be a whole other post by itself, but I just had to mention how fun it was and how glad we are that our beautiful baby girl is now a member of God's family.

Reagan and Clayton are interacting so much lately and it just MELTS my heart each time I see them playing. Reagan gave us her first belly laughs at none other than her big brother this past month. She loves him and he loves her. He asks for her every day. He watches over her at daycare. He gives her kisses and hugs. Last night I put them in the bath together, using Reagan's whale tub inside Clayton's big tub! It was so fun! My intent was to quickly get them both bathed since Darren wasn't home but half way in they began playing and laughing so hard. I video'd them for about 6 minutes before my camera said I was out of memory. It was the most precious thing! They are going to be such good friends, and yet such big enemies! ;-)

We love both of our blessings from God so much. I know that life is crazy right now since I am taking 6 hours of grad school, working full time, and taking care of my two babies... but it is SO WORTH IT. Wouldn't change anything for the world. I am so happy with my wonderful family!

By the way... wouldn't be near as happy if I didn't have my wonderful husband helping me along the way, and making me feel like the most loved woman on this planet. =)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Clayton at 17 months!

Oh my goodness.... Our little boy's vocabulary took off this month! He is now saying well over 50 words, over and over. We can't believe how smart he is, how quick he picks up on things, and how much of a parrot he is! We just adore him! He is so much fun! Here are just the things that I managed to write down so that I would remember! ;-)

- Can tell you where they are on his body, and say, these parts: Nose, ear, eye, mouth, head, pupeck (belly button), hiney, wee-wee (Nana's term!), toes, teeth.
- Puts together sentences! "Thunder all gone", "Sister bite!" (trying to give his sister a bite of his food), "Bye daddy!", "Sister wake!" (at daycare when she wakes him up!)
- Loves to have races now thanks to Miss Liliana! We say "ready" and he says "Two, go!". haha... kind of gets those mixed with one two three - which he can also tell you in succession!
- Loves to sing the apple song. Tells us that baby comes after apple and cookie comes after baby. (It's a song to teach the abc's and their sounds)
- Calls Pearl when she gets a few steps from us on our walks. Pearl is "Puuhllll"
- Can run our iPhone better than we can! We can slide it open and he will slide the pages to find his game then press the button to start his game!
- Went poopoo on the potty once! Will tell us when he has to go or when he has already gone by saying "poopoo" and grabbing at his diaper. Runs to the potty and says "peepee" and "poopoo".
- Says: flower, bee, uncle, beer, chicken, love you (wo wo), milk, car, bless you, hungry, dog, waffle, Piper, Gaga (Andrea), truck, ride, go, drive, diaper, poopoo, sticker, ball, puffs, no, Elmo, more, get, bird, oh no!, move (moo), sorry, cow, big, pool, swimming (mimin), open, round, all gone, Sarah (rara), broke
- Makes a smacking noise when he gives us kisses
- Knows "see ya" means bye! We say see ya and he tells us bye!
- Tells us "no".. quite often! Will tell other people/kids no when they are doing something he doesn't want them to do!
- Can eat yogurt with a spoon by himself!!
- Gave Liliana kisses when we visited them.... match made in heaven! ;-)
- Raises his hands and shrugs his shoulders to say "all gone"
- Please and thank you are immediate words when he wants anything!
- Anything in a can or a bottle that Daddy drinks is a beer. He will say "beer.. mmmm!!" haha. Apparently he likes the taste of beer!
- Still mostly 12mo clothes, size 3 diaper, size 6 shoe. Some 18 month like PJ's and some tshirts
- Likes to call people on the phone... until they answer! Then he gets shy and won't talk!
- Still loves his sister so much. Knows her cry and gets upset at daycare when she cries.

What a month it has been. We are so blessed with such a smart, fun, cute, sweet little boy! Here's to what the next month will hold! Love you my Clayton Scott!