Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Three Months!

Happy Three Month Birthday, Reagan E!

This month has been a whirlwind it seems! Where did the last month go? Weren't you just turning two months? We have had so much fun with you this month! You are smiling and talking so much now, and we love it! Once you hear someone is talking to you you'll instantly break into a huge smile! You've giggled a few times, but not a big laugh yet. You're almost there though! You talk a lot too, which is really neat for us. Your brother was not a big talker (until now!), and so this cooing stage is really fun!

You finally are almost over your colic. You no longer cry every night, but you do have nights when you just cry in pain and we're not sure what sets it off. We have been able to learn your cries, so we know when you are hungry, hurting, or want to be held. Speaking of, you love to be held. If it were up to you someone would be holding you all day long! And talking to you!

You're such a big girl now so you always are sitting up and forward. You can lift yourself with just your stomach muscles when you are laying on our knees. You also always try to sit up in your car seat! You love your bumbo and will sit in it for a lot longer than your brother ever did! When we hold you we hold you outwards so that you can see everything that is going on!

Unfortunately you still hate tummy time. The doctor at your two month check up said that even though your muscles are strong that you still need to spend an hour a day doing tummy time. Welllll... we don't quite make that! You will fuss after about 5 minutes! We let you go as long as we can and in short periods during the day.

You have found your hands and love to gnaw on them. Gross! ;-) Mommy read that some babies show signs of teething, such as chewing on their hands, before their teeth come out. However, it does mean that your teeth are growing inside of your gums! Mommy has tried to get you to chew on a teething toy instead, but you just would rather chew your hands! At least you're not sucking your thumb! Just gnawing your fist!

You spend more time awake during the day now and you will play with the toys on your bouncer or your floor mat. You like to hit at them but can't grab them quite yet. You also love your swing, but it mostly puts you to sleep. We're glad that you finally like your swing! It wasn't until this past month that you really started to like it.

Every night you go at least 6 hours between one feeding. Unfortunately we never know which feeding this is going to be. You're starting to get into a routine of waking at 5am. It's not bad since you normally go to sleep around 9 or 10. You are still sleeping in your cradle in our bedroom, but we're going to be moving you to your crib sometime this next month! We moved your brother at 4 months when he started to eat rice cereal.

We had some feeding issues with you this month. You all of a sudden would only drink 2 ounces at a time when you were drinking 4. You also would throw a fit when we tried to feed you the rest of the bottle, or just when we tried to feed you in general! Nana thought that you might have had some esophogial erosion from acid reflux, so we started to feed you more upright and do not lay you down for at least 10 minutes after you eat. It worked!!! Now you are back to eating 4 ounces every 4 hours and you do not fuss! You are still gassy after eating, but not near as bad as you were a month ago! Hooray!

You're still wearing 0-3 clothes and probably will for another month. You're in a size 1 diaper that are pretty roomy! At your two month check up, which was two weeks past your two month birthday, you weighed 11 pounds 3 oz and were in the 40th percentile... I think! ;-) Mommy would have to go look it up, hehe. You also were around the 40th percentile for your height. Your head was only in the 13th percentile though, hehe. Hey, that's up from the 8th at your two week checkup!

Your brother still adores you, and so do we. We are blessed to have such a wonderful, beautiful daughter. We get so many compliments on how beautiful you are. Your eyes are just this gorgeous shade of light blue. We love you so much! You are a joy... even through the tears! :-)

Happy Birthday, sister girl! I love you!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Clayton at 15 months!

Oh my goodness, have our lives been busy or what?! Our little man is keeping us on our toes for sure! Clayton is changing and learning new things on a daily basis. It is so fun to see what he'll learn next! He is such a sponge right now and says and does everything that we do. He also is becoming quite the assertive little toddler! ;-) Gotta love him!

Clayton, my baby boy, at 15 months you:

- Are 22lbs. 3 oz. and 28" long!
- Say: pea-pie, cookies, please, sister, duncan (at daycare), two, daddy, choo-choo, shoes, uh-oh, thank you, ice, ucky, sit down
- Tell us that "two" comes after "one"!
- Make the choo-choo motion and noise whenever you see a train
- Blow on your food to cool it off
- Yell for Daddy when we are trying to find him
- Blow bubbles in the bath
- Go to your sister when she cries and give her a kiss
- Blow kisses and wave bye the second you think you're leaving or someone is leaving!
- Try to put the paci in sister's mouth
- Eat so much better! Loves to gnaw on apples, and will eat mashed potatoes like they're going out of style!
- Rub your chest when you say please, like the sign but not exactly!
- Drink milk like a champ!
- No more bottles! YAY!
- One nap per day for about 3 hours
- Make the funniest horsey sound "neighh..... pfft" (raspberry noise like the horse snorted)
- Love making a mess. Gets out every toy, every book...
- RUNS everywhere. Always on the go!
- Gives the BEST hugs and kisses ever!
- Sleep with your Reveille pillow-pet every night
- Sleep from about 9pm to whenever we wake you up! One Saturday morning it was 10:30!!
- Would live outside on the swing if we would let you!
- Climb!!! Climb into chairs, up onto the footstools and one day onto the entertainment center! Yikes!
- Still love baths and splashing water
- Wear mostly 12mo clothes (some 18mo) and a size 3 diaper. Size 6 shoe.
- Finally wear a cap without complaining! ;-)
- Sleep in t-shirts and shorts: no more footed pj's! This makes Mommy sad because you look like such a big boy!
- Are the most adorable, fun, loving, smart little boy! We love you!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gloria is here!

Our Goddaughter is here! Gloria Isabel was born on July 4th at 7:39pm, weighing in at 6lbs 15oz and 19.5" long. Even though she was born at almost 37 weeks gestation, she is still perfect and a great size! How fitting that GLORIA was born on the 4th of July?! Her Daddy wrote on his facebook that as we celebrated the Old Glory the NEW Gloria was here! =) We can't wait to meet her! She's beautiful and perfect! Congratulations to her Mommy Cristina, Daddy Evan, and her big sister Liliana. We love you all!