Saturday, June 23, 2012

Two Months!

Happy Two Month Birthday, Reagan E!

This month was a little rough for us, but we still love you so much! ;-) First, you started spitting up - A LOT. So much to where Mommy & Daddy were worried that something was wrong with you. That subsided for about a week and then you came down with a horrible stomach virus! One morning we woke up and you had a 101.3 fever. Anything that high in a 5 week old baby is scary. You were also vomiting on us, so we took you in to the on-call doctor. She said that you had a virus that had to just run its course. It was a miserable week. You ran fever and threw up for 5 days. =( We were so sad for our poor sick baby girl! Luckily your brother never came down with anything, and neither did me or Daddy!

After the virus you then started throwing up again, but with no fever. So again, we thought something was wrong. We took you to your doctor and he decided that you needed an ultrasound to make sure that you did not have pyloric stenosis. PS is an issue that your Pop and Uncle Trey both had when they were babies. At 6 weeks old you had your first ultrasound outside of Mommy's tummy! It was terrible! You couldn't eat for 3 hours beforehand, and then they ran nearly an hour late. By the time the ultrasound started you were starving! Plus you did not like the cold gel and having to lay there naked and still. Mommy nearly cried but I kept it together! Luckily they determined that you did not have PS and that everything was functioning correctly! They told us to feed you less in your bottle but more often. We also switched you to soy milk instead of breast milk and formula. Since then you have not thrown up any! Yahoo!

You also became a bonafide colicky baby this month! Starting from about 5 weeks old you would/will cry about 3 hours every evening starting at 7pm. Colicky babies cry for no apparent reason for at least 3 hours a day, at least 3 days a week, for at least 3 weeks in a row. YUP, YUP, and YUP! Poor girl! We still think it's your tummy giving you issues. You get gas drops after every bottle. The soy seems to be helping though and you are crying less often. Thank goodness! Mommy & Daddy really didn't know what to do with such a fussy baby! Sorry sister girl, but your brother did not cry like this! ;-)

Other than the negatives, the positives have been that you are becoming more and more beautiful every day! We LOVE to see you smile. You also coo at us and it is such a beautiful sound! You're becoming stronger and stronger and can really hold your head up on your own. You tolerate tummy time but would rather be held by someone!

Your brother is absolutely in love with you. He calls you "di-der". We're glad that he has been so sweet to you... must admit we were a bit worried! He always wants to give you kisses! It's so sweet! Sometimes he wants to rock you a little too hard in your swing, but you take it like a champ! ;-)

You're still sleeping in your cradle in Mommy & Daddy's room. You have slept through the night about 4 times, but nothing has stuck. Darn! ;-) You still will go about 6 hours at night. A lot of times we feed you around 10/11 and you sleep until at least 4. Getting up only once a night is a lot easier than multiple times! You are eating about every 3 hours during the day since the doctor told us to feed you less, more often. You're wearing almost all 0-3 now. They are still a little big on you, but your feet do not fit into your newborn clothes! ;-) And your torso is too long to wear the bodysuits. You are wearing a size 1 diaper even though they are big on you. The size N are just too small! At your 6 week appointment (when you were sick) you weighed 10 pounds! We won't take you to the doctor until next week, but we bet you're somewhere around 11 pounds now! You're growing so fast!

You still have a full head of dark brown hair. It is really pretty, but it is just like your Daddy's.... stick straight and poofy after it dries. haha! Your eyes are still a gorgeous shade of blue. You are just so pretty! You get lots of compliments every where we go on how beautiful you are!

You're nothing like your brother when it comes to how you act or what you like, but you are looking more and more like him every day! For instance, he would turn circles in his cradle and you just lay still on your back all night! He hardly cried, but he never cooed like you do! It's fun to see your differences and similarities! You LOVE to be talked to and you LOVE to be held. Big Bro was definitely more independent!

We love you so much and are so happy that you are in our lives. Even through the colicky nights, you are still a wonderful angel, and you make us feel so blessed. We love you baby girl! Happy Birthday!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Clayton at 14 Months

Clayton's many achievements and advances between 13 and 14 months! He's such a cutie... getting quite the little personality! ;-)

- Can say "hi", "up", "down", "cheese", "sister", "dada", "mama" (although only once I'm still counting it! Little stinker!)
- Still says "hot" all of the time! And with a lot of emphasis!
- Signs "more" and "dog"
- Will tell you what the dog and cat say when you ask: Dog is a pant, like the sign, and cat is "maw"
- Claps anytime anyone else is clapping, even when that is on TV
- Dances A LOT! Mostly just taps one foot at a time and sways from side to side
- Turned to the camera and said "cheese" and gave a super cheesy smile!
- Imitates what you say. If you say "thank you" he will say it in his own words but with the same emphasis and tone that you used
- Down to only two bottles per day: morning and night! Hooray!
- Loves to give sister kisses.... and therefor all babies in general!
- Waves hi and bye, and will wave when we start to pack up our things to leave
- Runs everywhere instead of walking!
- "Drives" everything with wheels
- Loves trains
- Loves swimming in Pop & Gia's pool! Was a little afraid at first but is getting used to it!
- Understands and follows requests
- Not so easy during church! Likes to talk, and always wants down!
- Starting to get an interest in watching tv. Likes Dinosaur Train on PBS
- Wearing 12 month clothes still and a size 3 diaper
- Has 12 teeth! 4 teeth and 2 molars on top and 4 teeth and 2 molars on bottom!
- Drinks milk really well now
- Back to sleeping all night! Sometimes wakes up crying but goes back to sleep once the paci is found!
- Brings you shoes anytime he wants to go outside. Will even try to put them on your feet!
- Gets to ride forward in his car seat now since the backseat wouldn't fit both of their seats turned around, and loves it! Loves to look out the window at everything!

Our sweet boy is growing and changing so much. We love him to pieces!