Sunday, August 19, 2012

Four Months!

Happy Four Month Birthday, Reagan E!

You are growing and changing daily, and becoming more and more active! This month you have really tried to master rolling over from back to front. You are so close! You have rolled over everything except one shoulder! It won't be long until you can finally get over that shoulder and make it all the way onto your tummy! Now when we put you down you sit there wiggling and trying to roll. This makes you turn in circles! One day you made a full 360* around your play mat! It was really funny to watch!

You gave us your first giggles this month and they are so sweet. You don't belly laugh quite yet like your brother did, but we've decided he's a special breed of his own! ;-) You are more reserved than he is and we love that about you! You are our quiet little beauty! Well, not that quiet! You still LOVE to sit and talk to us. Now you are even blowing raspberries! You love to be talked to and light up with the biggest smile when anyone leans down to talk to you or smile at you. You're such a social butterfly and love everyone!

This month you finally started to appreciate your toys. We bought a toy bar for your car seat and you love pulling on the different toys and spinning them. You also love to play with the toys on your bouncer and can pull the chain to make the frog play music! You are finally starting to tolerate tummy time, but it is definitely not one of your favorite activities! Like any girl, you love to look at yourself in the mirror, so that helps pass the time when you're on  your tummy!

We were quite busy this month with several weddings, reunions, and just vacationing in general! You traveled to New York again, and you traveled to Lake Granbury! You went swimming for the first time in the lake! You had been in Pop & Gia's pool before, but you don't like the cold water so you were never submerged. However, the lake water was really quite warm so you didn't mind it at all! Pop and Daddy took you around in the water. You even got to go on your first boat ride on Cousin Brian's boat! You fell asleep after a few minutes out on the water!

You have turned into a drooling machine! The whole gnawing on your hands thing has taken on a new meaning this month! Now you slobber all over us! If we are holding you upright on our shoulder our shirt will be soaked when we move you! Maybe it really is teeth coming in! Most babies don't get teeth until 6 months though, so we will see! Nothing is poking out quite yet!

Getting chunky!
We are still battling your tummy but it is not near as bad as it used to be. We switched you from the soy formula to just a sensitive tummy formula and it seems to be a lot better. You were having pooping issues on the soy, just like your brother did. We were glad when we switched you that you regulated out pretty fast! Don't you just love Mommy for telling you this?!?!?! We are still making sure that we feed you more upright and that you are not laying flat right after you eat. This is helping as well, so that is good news!

We moved you up to eating 5 ounces at a time just about a week ago, but we are about to move you up to 6 ounces! You've been eating a bunch lately so you are probably going through a growth spurt! We normally feed you every 4 hours but the past few days you've been going 3 hours between feedings. You're still waking up to eat right at 5am every night, regardless of when you last ate or when we put you down to sleep for the night. You're in quite a pattern! At least it's predictable! Here soon though Mommy will take away that night time feeding since you won't need it anymore!

You're still wearing all 0-3 clothes but they are starting to get too short. You're much more petite than your brother was! We still have issues getting hats and shoes to fit you as well! Guess you're just tiny! We still have you in a size 1 diaper but will be bumping up to a size 2 soon. They are getting a little short, but not bad! Mommy has lots of cute 3-6mo clothes for you, so hurry up! ;-) hehe... We won't go to the doctor for another week and a half so we don't have your stats quite yet! Your hair is starting to get lighter and you have some blonde streaks in the back! Mommy calls them your skunk hairs, hehe. Your eyes are still a stunning shade of blue. Watch out boys!

Just as last month your brother completely adores his "dider". He smiles every time he sees you and gives you so many kisses. We are so glad that he has been so sweet to you. Wellll... 99% of the time! There are moments when he hits you! Whenever you cry he will run over to you and try to give you your paci. It is so sweet!

We love you so much, sister girl! We are so blessed to have you in our lives! Happy Birthday!

I know this has a sunspot but I just love it!


Friday, August 3, 2012

Clayton at 16 months!

I didn't think our little boy could possibly get any cuter, but it seems to me as if he is! ;-) He is so much fun, so outgoing, so wild and crazy, and so smart! Here's what has happened in the last month!

- Immediately says "please" and "thank you" when he wants something and immediately says "thank you" when you hand him something.
- Says mommy & daddy all of the time. Calls us when he wants us!
- Says wow, Mimi (Britni), again, all done, outside (owdie), opa, nana, oma, pop, bite, airplane (a-pane), elephant (e-phant), snack, bubble, bug, Nelly (my Aunt's cat, haha), cracker, puppy, water, yummy, Pearl (our dog), book
- Tells us that three comes after two which comes after one! Alright! We can count!
- Tackles Pop
- Does the "stanky leg" when prompted, haha
- Talks on the telephone (pretends!)
- Call your paci your baby... not sure why but it's kinda cute! We did not teach you this!
- Rode on four long airplane rides to and from New York and LOVED it!
- Get so impressed by new things and say "wooooowwww!"
- Love to pet animals
- Still give Sister kisses all of the time
- Drink milk like it's going out of style!
- Still wearing mostly 12mo clothes, some 18mo. Size 6 shoe. Size 3 diaper.
- LOVES craisins and cookies! hehe
- Having some temperament issues... we are quite opinionated and too smart for our own good! ;-)
- Still a monkey! Climbing on everything!
- Tell us "bye bye" immediately when you think someone is leaving or if you think you're leaving
- Run everywhere, smile all day every day
- Hoard paci's!!!! You love having multiple pacis in your hands and one in your mouth!

We love you so much, even though you are a little stinker at times! You are the best big brother to your sister and we couldn't be happier!