Thursday, March 7, 2013

Clayton at 23 months!

Mommy panic-attack!!! You turn TWO this month?! Oh. My. Goodness. I might have started out the last monthly post with that same sentiment. But, really, Mommy is slightly freaking out over the fact that you are turning two! You are getting to be such a big boy. Here are some highlights from this past month, your last monthly birthday before two!

- Requests chocolate milk instead of just milk now!
- Has gone poo-poo on the potty a few more times, and actually told us when he needed to go!
- Remembers everything - can't get anything past him!
- Learning to count on fingers, can already count objects up to 10
- Loves going to church! (Probably because there is a swing set and playground there!). Can repeat and do motions for the sign of the cross, and repeats "Lord hear our prayer" during the petitions
- Loves to help in the kitchen! Helped Mommy make Daddy's birthday cupcakes!
- Knows what birthday's are all about - this upcoming one should be a lot of fun!
- New phrase: "No way, Jose!" and "No, ma'am!"
- Sits at the big kid table at daycare and gets to sleep in the big kid room!
- Finally understands how talking on a phone works and likes to talk to people, mostly Pop! "Hello, Pop?"
- Alternates between watching Go Go and Super Why as his favorite shows.
- Knows: Happy, Sad, Scary. Can give you the "faces" for each, and if he sees something scary he tells you!
- Likes to pick out his own t-shirts or PJ's
- Definitely in the terrible twos. Throws quite the temper-tantrums when he doesn't get his way!
- Starting to outgrow the 18 month clothing, finally! But 24mo and 2T are way to big! Ugh! Still in a size 7 shoe, size 4 diaper.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Ten Months!

Happy Ten Month Birthday, Reagan E!

Mommy is done making false promises. I am so sorry that I get so behind in writing your letters. You and your brother keep us pretty busy! ;-) This is not to make you think that I do not love you. No way! In fact, I love you SO much that I put off blogging and anything personal so that I can spend as much time with you as I can! You're my little sunshine and I love you so much!

Now, on to the fun stuff! This month you started to show us what life will be like with two toddlers instead of  two babies, or one baby and one toddler. Sometimes your brother still acts like a baby! hehe... You haven't changed in the walking department yet. You still prefer to be holding on to something! When we let go of your hands to get you to stand on your own you immediately reach for the floor! It's so funny! It's like you think that it is the scariest thing ever to not be holding on to something. But, you cruise along furniture so well and can walk behind a push toy like a champ! So, it's not that you can't do the physical motions of walking, you just are a bit scared of the idea!

Mommy's FAVORITE thing that you started this month was saying Mama! Yay! Your brother was a little turkey and he pretty much refused to say Mama until he was over a year old and he went straight to saying Mommy! You call for me whenever you're upset. You are definitely a Mommy's girl! I can pick you up and you instantly stop crying or fussing. This makes your brother a bit jealous at times since you occupy a lot of Mommy's time.

We love interacting and playing with you. You learned how to play peek-a-boo this month, and you can clap your own hands when we do patty-cake! Playing peak-a-boo is precious. You'll hold something up to your face, take it down and smile so big when we say peek-a-boo! Then you'll put it right back up to do it again and again! =) You still just ADORE your brother and playing with him is your favorite! You follow him from toy to toy in the game room, and mostly just eat whatever toys he is playing with. You will even stand up at his art easel and help him color! You don't quite know how to put the tip of the crayon to the paper but you definitely know that the crayon touches the paper to make the mark!

We bought you a new car seat and got you a fun mirror that goes on the back headrest and you have been a much happier baby in the car! Hooray! I guess you just needed a comfier ride! ;-) You are still not a huge fan but you don't cry inconsolably anymore, thank goodness!

Poor girl, you are still throwing up. We have been to countless doctor's visits, we have done blood work, and Mommy has probably become the least favorite person who calls the nurses! Your GI doctor in Lubbock put you on a medicine called Reglan that was supposed to help with your throwing up, and then he put you just recently on Zantac which is an antacid for reflux. So far neither are really helping all that well. You have good days but then you still have bad days. We hate to see you suffer and really hope that you grow out of it soon. We feed you a lot more now than we used to in hopes that you will grow some! You haven't gained any weight, besides maybe a few ounces, since in the beginning of December! =( Mommy took you to the doctor just over a week ago and you weighed 17lbs 5oz and were in the 19th percentile for your weight. Nana came to visit in the thick of all of your appointments, thank goodness. We were so glad to have some help and relief!

During Nana's visit she also taught you to sleep through the night! Hooray! Maybe it was her constant comforting to you during each noise you made, hehe. We are thankful to not have the middle of the night feed anymore! You sleep from about 8pm to 7am, sometimes later depending on your mood! Most mornings we wake you up for daycare when we get your brother up at 7:30. Weekends though you normally think it's time to wake up still! You're not napping well during the day though and we are not sure if it is because of your medicine or not.

Since you still have gagging issues we only feed you the stage 2 Gerber foods. You do great with them! You eat 3 meals a day interspersed with your bottles. Now you can also drink water from a straw sippy cup! So we give you that from time to time too! We have tried all of the little baby snacks and what not but you just choke and gag on them, then throw up. Your Pediatrician has suggested that we see a Speech Therapist to help you work through your texture issues. We'll be making an appointment soon, so we'll see what happens!

Since you haven't grown you still wear all of your same clothes. You are still a size 6-9mo, size 3 diaper. Tiny girl! It's been kind of nice to not have to buy a lot of new clothes! ;-) Your two top teeth are finally poking through! Not a lot of progress yet but you can see the two white buds! =) Yahoo! Finally!

We can't believe you're already in the double digits. Wow. Time has flown! Mommy has been working hard to plan the best first birthday party for you! You'll be sharing it with your brother this year, but we promise when you're older you can have your own girly party if you want with all of your friends! =)

We love you so much!!!!! Happy Birthday, sister girl!!!