Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mid-Pregnancy Revelations

I'm 2/3 done baking this kid! Can you believe it? It still feels like yesterday when we found out that we were expecting! It still is crazy to me to think that we could have had a 8 month old by now though! But, I wouldn't have traded this... This is when Baby Boy was supposed to be here! Even though Mommy is slightly paranoid about there only being 100 or so days left until his arrival! ;-) Time to get to work!

So, some things that I've noticed....

1. I am growing an alien, not a baby. Haha! Little boy has been quite the mover, and as he runs out of room his movements get more and more pronounced! I have noticed my belly roll already, and have seen my whole belly jiggle with kicks! Too strange!

2. I don't look as pregnant as most people at this stage! I know that everyone grows differently, but after looking at friends pictures, or girls in my "birth club" on Babycenter... they're all so much larger than me! I've gained 20 pounds which I think is a good amount, and it's all in my belly/breasts, not face or feet... so I'm not sure why I'm still smaller, but I'll take it. I never wanted to be that huge whale of a lady anyway, haha! Sorry!

3. My husband is amazing. He loves feeling our little boy move, and has been so helpful with everything, whether it be around the house (cleaning, cooking), or just supportive! I'm definitely blessed, and so is our baby to have him as a daddy!

4. Babies are expensive, and he's not even here yet! All of this nursery preparation (which we are just now starting.. oops) is going to add up, and fast! We still need a glider, hutch, lamp, decorations, paint, you name it... all we have so far is the crib (my old one, which I know is illegal but it is so pretty!) and a small dresser that we will put the changing pad on. Oh, and my mom bought us our awesome bedding.... so we have a long way to go still!

5. I'll never get used to my changing body. I'm glad that my husband still finds me attractive.. maybe even more so than before (must be the hormones I produce, hehe), but I am not getting the whole "beautiful pregnant lady" thing! I find it odd that I can't see my hip bones anymore, and my breasts, although huge, just don't look attractive. TMI? I'm sorry! The only good thing is that this trimester my skin has been way better! Strange! And I did have a lady in the bathroom in Phoenix tell me that I had that pregnant lady glow! haha!

6. I hope I'm not jinxing myself, but I feel as if this has been a really easy pregnancy... and I hope it stays that way! If so, I could do this all the time! haha.. joking, I promise. We will not be Kristen & Darren Plus 11 or anything like that! 30 kids and counting... lol! ;-) We'll see what the third trimester has in store... supposedly I will lose all of this great energy that I've had lately, start to swell, get all hormonal again, have to pee non-stop (oh wait, that's still going on!).... hmm! As long as there is not any nausea I think I'll be ok!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my revelations! I had a doctors appointment on Tuesday and all of my stats were good... Heartrate was 151, my fundal height was right on, my BP was good, and my weight was good... Now we wait until the beginning of January to go back to Midland to check on his growth and make sure that my placenta is still doing ok. Then I'll start going to them more frequently. My doc says that worst case would be that I'd deliver early because he stopped growing, but since we're past 24 weeks now, there's not much to worry about because his chances of survival increase more and more every day!

Love you, baby boy! Mommy & Daddy can't wait to meet you... in 100 days or so! Better stay put until then!


  1. Don't worry about how big your belly is! I was bigger at 25 weeks probably, HOWEVER, Liliana was ALWAYS big, so that's why...I had a baby about 28 weeks big and didn't know it. As long as he's healthy, the size don't matter.

    And, you'll get big soon enough. And it gets to the point where you wish the weeks in the 20's were back.

  2. i love reading your posts :) your so happy!!! :) give it time... 3rd trimester makes your cranky, and REALLY uncomfortable.

    and sad to say... your body will NEVER be the same after baby, stretch marks or not. i am still working hard to get my pre-pregnant body back. i can tell that my body will look better because i'm working out so hard ;)