Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Starting Solids!

This past Sunday we started Clayton on his rice cereal! He did a great job! At first he was mad because even though he drank his usual 6 ounce bottle, he was still hungry and the rice cereal was not fulfilling him fast enough. However, he still did great! He impressed us by leaning for the spoon with his mouth open and getting the spoonful down in two bites! He really has been doing great!

After the first night of rice cereal I thought for sure that he'd sleep through the night, or at least longer than 10pm to 4am. So, we carted ourselves upstairs and we slept in the guest room while Clayton slept in his crib. This was by far the worst sleep I have had since he was a week old. I was up every two hours. If I wasn't checking on him then the monitor was going off and waking me up. He did ok and slept his normal until 4am. Last night we were so exhausted that we brought him back downstairs into our room and his pack n play. I really hate that his room is on the second story and ours is on the first. I wouldn't ever build my house this way but the family who did build its kids were all grown up.... so it made sense!

First official night in his crib
He ate more of the cereal tonight so I am hoping that with each passing night he'll eat more and more and it will fill him more and more. Just have to find a way to break him of his 4am habit! I don't know if you can do that though! Oh well! Another new mom thing to learn and figure out! ;-)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Moving Out

The time has come. Clayton no longer requires night time feedings and he has outgrown his cradle. Cue the crying from this first time mom! My baby boy is growing up so fast! Although he's not entirely sleeping through the night, he does make it until about 5am. At that point in time I wake up and give him back his paci and he goes back to sleep until morning when we get him up. I am hoping that with the addition of rice cereal soon that he will make it all night, or at least until 6 or 7am! I'm not ready for him to leave yet (after all if he's been extra quiet I do still make sure he's breathing, haha!), but I know it's best for him and best for us! I do miss my alone time with my hubby!

So, my wonderful blogging mothers.... any advice for how to cope, how to make the move to his crib/own room easier on him and me? Any tips for getting him to sleep straight through the night?

Thanks in advance! We go to the doctor soon and so I hope to get the green light on rice cereal! =) Yahoo!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Four Months!

Happy Four Month Birthday, Clayton Scott!!

You are growing so much! This past month held a lot of really wonderful firsts for you! First off, you rolled over from back to front! This was a major accomplishment for you at such a young age! Now we can't put you anywhere without you wanting to roll over! You also gave us your first big laughs! We were sitting around Grandma's kitchen one day after lunch and Gia had you just rolling laughing! It was the sweetest sounds we had ever heard! Daddy was able to get it on video with his phone! You now will laugh for us when you are in the mood and we just love hearing it every time!

We started putting you in your exersaucer this month, and so far you really like it! You still can't sit up in the middle, so you lean to the front. This still allows you to play (or munch on!) all of the toys! You can even kick off the bottom and bounce yourself up and down! It won't be long until you are in that thing non-stop!

We were very busy this month, and took you all over the US! Ok, not really, but it sure did feel like it! We traveled to San Antonio to see Opa, Oma, Uncle Adam, Uncle Kevin, and Sarah! Gia came along to visit and help babysit you! It was a great weekend! We also took you this past weekend for your first airplane ride! We flew to Las Vegas from Midland so that we could visit your Uncles, and so we could go to a horse show in Flagstaff! You were SUCH a good baby! You didn't cry at all on the plane! Everyone around us commented on how good you were! Mommy was very nervous about flying with you, but as always, you showed us what an outstanding baby you are! The horse show was a lot of fun and everyone thought you were so cute! You loved hanging out with Nana and Aunt Kassie and Kristen. You also got to meet Auntie Diwen when we were in Vegas! She gave you the cutest little giraffe named Nigel! He'll be a good buddy of yours!

We celebrated your first 4th of July this month... but it was very different from the 4th's we are used to. This year, since it hasn't rained in forever, we had to watch fireworks on TV. Bummer! We had Pop & Gia and Jade & Omer over for hot dogs and snacks. It was still fun, just not what we are used to! You had a super cute onesie though! ;-) Mommy made sure you were dressed patriotically!

You are constantly moving! You really are quite the little wiggle worm! Like I said before, we can't lay you anywhere without you rolling over. Plus, you recently decided that laying on your tummy was for the birds, and so have started to tuck your knees up under you and push off!!! You're on your way to crawling already! Mommy is going through some serious "where did my baby go?!" moments! Mommy and Daddy need to baby-proof the house because it won't be too long until you're mobile! You really are advanced for your age!

Playing with Max!
Teething has been an issue, and this past week you really had a rough go of it. By rough I mean you were slightly fussier than normal! ;-) Your hands are ALWAYS in your mouth.... if your paci is not! You stick everything that is in your hand in your mouth as well. We have a "book" that is just pictures and crinkly paper. It is your favorite! It made the long plane ride bearable and you love to play with it and stick it in your mouth! We have tried to give you teethers but you still don't want to hold them. Mommy thinks you have a small mouth or something! ;-)

See? Hands in mouth! ;-)
You still love your swing, love bath time, and love looking outward. I don't know if I mentioned it last month of not but you do not like to be held like a baby anymore. Unless of course you are realllly tired! You do like be snuggled and put to sleep with your Douglas (Douglas is your little horse lovey).

Definitely not ready for a sibling, huh? ;-)
You still eat great and this past month we bumped you up to 6 ounces at a time! Wow! You eat it without a problem most of the time! You still eat every 4 hours during the day, but have been letting us go 8 to 12 hours at night! Woo hoo! You still wake up once a night around 4am or so, but Mommy has been putting your paci back in and you fall back asleep. We still have not moved you to your crib since you don't sleep all night. We're hoping that once you start rice cereal here soon that you will sleep better. You're starting to outgrow the cradle, so we need to move you soon! You move so much that we always find you in different positions when you wake up. When you're in a pack-n-play you will turn 180 degrees just by kicking yourself around! It's really funny!

Most of your clothes are finally 3-6 month. However, you can still wear a bunch of your 0-3 onesies, or your just 3 month ones. We only bumped you up the size about midway through this month. Some of the 3-6 clothes are too loose on your body, and the PJ's are a little long. You wear a size 2 diaper very comfortably, so we won't have to move you for a bit! When Mommy weighed you at home you were about 14 1/2 lbs. We won't go to the doctor for another week and a half (thanks to back-to-school), so we won't have any official measurements until then!

Every month, every day, we thank God for you. You are such a blessing. You are the happiest baby and we are so happy that you are ours! We are so grateful! Can't wait to see what next month holds!

We love you more and more each day.... if that is even truly possible! =)

Happy Birthday, my sweet baby boy. I love you!