Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random Tidbits

Big news.... Darren felt Baby Boy kick for the first time last night! It was AWESOME! Most kicks that I get are relatively small and just feel like a little thump, so I told Darren that he'd not be able to feel them for a while more. Well, he likes to place his hand on my belly when we're laying down at night just in case, and our baby decided it was time to show Daddy he was really in there! He kicked so hard! It was actually kind of funny! Then he squirmed around a bunch which we could feel also! Darren was so excited, it was so neat! Our baby definitely loves when I'm laying down, or well, maybe that is just when I can notice the movement more. It's so fun to finally feel him all of the time!

I have been having a hard time not "googling" myself into a frenzy. After hearing our diagnosis, I can't help but want to learn everything that I can. However, the internet is probably not the place to try to learn things. You hear the worst of the worst, I swear! I did however find a lady who is a few weeks ahead of me on babycenter's message boards who also was recently diagnosed with circumvallate placenta. She too says that her doctors tell her not to worry, but she's just trying to find information. So, it's kind of neat to have someone going through it at the same time as I am. We said we'd share any information that we found out! One lady on the boards had it and her baby stopped growing at 35 weeks and she was induced at 39 weeks. Her baby was 4 pounds, but healthy! Not a couple months after her baby was finally up to it's appropriate weight! So, not too bad! Just a scrawny baby! ;-) My main concerns are premature birth, our baby having to be in the NICU, or having to have an emergency c-section. I know God will take care of us.... it's just hard not to worry sometimes!

I promise I'll take a new picture soon and do my weekly survey. Last night I looked in the mirror and couldn't believe how huge I looked, haha. My doctor told me that I don't need to try to gain any more weight, just gain naturally and eat right. =) hehe.. Just want baby boy to be as fat as possible! And mommy doesn't mind being fat either for a while!

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  1. Don't worry- we went through alot of that stuff (prematurity, NICU, emergency C-sect, and a scrawny but very cute baby) and all is well! Hang in there and just know that lots of folks are praying for yall!