Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Brain Dump

This tired soon-to-be-momma has a lot on her mind.... so I'm going to dump it all here! One lady's blog I read calls it "Stream of Consciousness"... but that's too fancy for me! Brain Dump it is! ;-)

- We are down to T minus 7 weeks and several days until little boy is due! We have yet to take any birthing classes, breast feeding classes, or tour our hospital. Yes, I realize that this is bad. Yes, I will make sure we get it done in the next week or two. Yes, I may be lying, but I sure am going to try!

- My mom will be here in 9 days and I can't hardly stand it! I am so ready for her to be here! Plus, she's going to help me with some of my art projects for the nursery since she's WAY more artistic than I am! Hooray for my mom! My baby shower would be incomplete without her, and I am so glad that she is going to be able to come!

- My grad school class this semester is horribly boring and horribly time consuming. I'm not sure how it's going to pan out when our little man is here, requiring all of my time and attention. I'm already sooo sooo tired. I don't see how reading out of the world's most boring textbook is going to help that matter any! But, gotta keep trucking! I made this decision after all to start grad school, fully aware that I would be having a baby in March!

- Work is becoming harder as it is difficult to sit for long periods of time without hurting, I'm so stinkin' tired (as mentioned previously), and staring at my computer doesn't help that! Thankfully I have the best job in the whole world, so I can rest if I need to rest, get a snack whenever, walk around, etc.... It was a little funny when my dentist asked me yesterday if I was going to be able to take the rest of the year off after having the baby - man he's dreaming! I'm still thinking I won't get a full fledged maternity leave, because, let's face it... money is important! haha... Plus, it's our busy season at work, so I really need to try to be helping out! Luckily, again, I can take the little guy to work with me if needed! Hooray!

- Our animals are super spoiled. SUPER spoiled. They sleep inside, are inside with us when we're home, and basically have the run of the house, including but not limited to - sleeping on the couches, being fed leftover milk from cereal, etc etc.. Here's a picture to prove my point. This was Pearl's one of many Christmas presents! ;-)

- My husband still is the best thing ever. He is so amazing! He made me a delicious dinner tonight, just so I could study! What an awesome hunny!

- I'm still scared sh*less about the finances of having this baby. Not only the medical bills, but paying for the baby after he is here. Plus, what if we don't get everything we need at the shower? Then that's more expense! Oye.... I'm nervous, but I just have to remember that God is in control, and we just need to do what we can to cut corners! For instance, I could have easily spent $100 this weekend at Kirklands, but I restrained myself... hehe... ok, more seriously though, we really are trying to be good!

Ok, I think that's about all I have for now. I'm going to go snuggle up to my amazing husband and get some gooood sleep! Well, if I don't get up and go pee 3 times like I did last night! Dang third trimester, lol! ;-)

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