Friday, February 4, 2011

33 Week Survey

The 33 Week Survey

How far along?: 32 weeks and 6 days! 50 days to go!

Total weight gain:  29 pounds... seems ok to me! I figured I'd gain around 40 since I was underweight to start.

How big is baby?: Around 4 1/2 pounds, and somewhere between 17 and 19 inches long. I guess babies don't grow much longer from here on out, but now's time to put on the fat pounds!

Maternity clothes?: This week was tough as it was literally FREEZING every day. So I wore the same leggings, same pants, same boots, and lucked out enough to have 4 heavy sweaters to rotate through. Ah, the power of layers!

Stretch marks?: Still none... woo hoooo!!!!

Sleep: Very difficult. I get up about 3 times in the night to pee, and little  boy likes to move the most at night, so he keeps me up somewhat. Plus still battling leg cramps and heartburn. I gave up on the idea of only sleeping on my left side, you know, to help circulation, because I couldn't stay in one position all night!

Best moment this week: Darren's "play date" with Clayton, hehe.... Daddy got to feel him move a LOT, and strong movements at that, and he loved it... which naturally I loved!

Movement: Active. Active. Active. See my previous post! ;-)

Food cravings: I found these breakfast pastries at Walmart called "Persian Rolls". They're kinda like cinnamon rolls meets honey buns and they are HEAVENLY. I love them. However, this week when I went to buy a package this MAMMOTH of a lady cuts in front of me and takes the last box. I nearly had a throw down in the bakery section. hahaha... ok, not really, but she did take them and I did get really upset!

Gender: Sweet sweet boy!

Labor Signs: Nope! Not even fake labor..

Belly Button in or out?
: Hey, I'm just glad it's not totally sticking out!

What I miss:
Uninterrupted sleep. I guess I should get used to this, huh?

What I am looking forward to: My shower is less than a week away, which means my MOM is coming! Eek! So excited! She's going to help me with my art projects for the nursery! Also, we go to Dr. Blanco again on Wednesday and I'm interested to see how little guy's growth is progresing since I didn't gain much weight these past two weeks.

Weekly Wisdom:
Plan your childbirth classes far in advance. Hehe... I procrastinated, or well, just thought it would fall together a little better than it did, but anyway, our classes start Feb 21st and go through March 28th. Haha, a little past my due date, but that's ok! ;-)

Milestones: His immune system is now developed! Hooray! That means if he had to come out now then he wouldn't get sick as easy! He's acting more and more like an actual infant. He swallows, opens and closes his eyes, and is practicing breathing (which explains all of the hiccups!). He is supposed to be moving less, but we all know that's a joke! ;-) His taste buds are also working now, which is crazy! So, I bet you he likes persian rolls too!

 Fun(?) Facts:
- Waist at belly button: Almost 40 1/2"
- Current weight: 142 and some!

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