Friday, February 4, 2011

Who needs kick counts?!

Yesterday was crazy. I'm not even exaggerating. I felt as if this little boy was going to bust out early! I've never felt so much movement in a single day, and I've definitely not been hurt as badly by the movements as I did yesterday. He squirmed, stretched, kicked, you name it! I know I may be a bit dramatic, but I feel as if my ribs are bruised! Ok, by a bit dramatic I meant a lot dramatic. ;-) Regardless, this little boy seriously gave me a run for my money yesterday. And, if this is any indication of how he'll be when he's here, then I'm pretty sure there will be no such thing as swaddling. haha! I got up to put the cat out last night and felt either an elbow or a knee. There was a protruding limb sticking out past my belly. Seriously.. we're talking one inch by one inch lump. So creepy! ha! I could have been on one of those alien abduction shows! I reached down and kind of nudged it back in... haha.... that sounds so weird, I know! I told Darren last night that he didn't even know what this felt like to have our little guy moving around so much! Night before last Darren got to "play" with our little tike too... haha... we were laying in bed and Darren would push on my belly a few times, and he'd get kicks and squirms in response! It was too funny! He loved every minute of it! Darren LOVES to feel our little guy move. He's such an awesome Daddy already! All I know is that our baby is head down, so from what I've heard from other mom's, his butt is probably what is constantly pushing on my ribs/lungs. Haha, oh joy! Thank you my sweet child... your momma realllly would like for you to stop hurting me now! Can't wait to meet you in 50 odd days!

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