Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Childbirth Education

Darren and I attended our second night of Childbirth Education classes last night. This one was technically the first class, but since we're the world's worst procrastinators (surprised? I'm not!) we had to do the last class of another groups two weeks ago. We went to the infant CPR and breastfeeding class that ends up our 6 week session with the other group since, well, our last class will be after our due date! ;-) It was pretty funny because our teacher had us all introduce ourselves, say whether we were having a boy or girl and then the due date. Yeah, I was definitely the only mom due in March, and even worse, the only mom due in the next 2 months! The girl next to me commented on how small I was still and said she was super jealous.... I guess I should take that as a good thing? ;-) We decided to do the 6 week session with the Midland hospital because we could never make the Saturday class in Big Spring. We learned a lot already, and are now even more anxious for the actual labor process to commence! haha! They taught us relaxation techniques, which we kinda laughed through. I told Darren if he sits there and tells me to "breathe" better, or slower, or whatever, that I'd slap him! Ok, that sounds harsh, but I really don't get into the whole "You're doing great, just keep breathing" thing like some women. We did enjoy the class just for the reassurance that we'll know when I'm in true labor or false labor... plus now we know when to jump in the car and head to the hospital! haha!

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