Monday, March 21, 2011


Not a whole lot to update, except for the fact that we may or may not be having a baby this week! Hehe... I went in this morning for my 39 week check up and was still not dilated. Still stuck at a "1". So, while doing my cervix exam my doctor stripped my mucous membranes. Sorry if that is TMI, but I figured you'd want to know what was happening, and plus, this is my blog for my future recollection of all of these events, so deal! ;-) Stripping your membranes is a natural way to try to induce labor. My doctor is hoping that this will help me progress and will keep us from having to use medical induction methods, something of course I am against if I can avoid it. Basically what stripping your mucous membranes means is: "The reason that this procedure is a natural way to induce labor is because removing the mucus plug as well as disrupting the attachment of the bag of water to the uterus will cause the uterus to contract. Often times, once the mucus plug is removed (which is a thick collection of mucus that seals the cervix from anything trying to enter the uterus), labor starts within 3 days." My doctor told me that 70% of women will have their baby within 3 days of this procedure. Interesting! So, naturally I went home and immediately started getting all of my ducks in a row.... yes the ducks that should have been in a row for weeks now! My desk is now all organized and I am caught up enough to where I could leave, our hospital bag is packed and waiting by the door, and the cradle bedding is all washed and back on the cradle! We are ready for baby!!! I have had a rough day ever since the procedure (that's what I'm calling it by the way)... it brings on cramping and sometimes spotting. I've been very crampy all day and very tired. I even took a small nap! Now we are playing the waiting game! Hopefully baby boy decides to come pretty soon! My "dream date" is tomorrow, so we'll see! Thank you for all of the prayers and well wishes!!!!!

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