Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thoughts on Labor/Delivery

We're only roughly two weeks away from my due date! Commence a WIDE range of emotions! I'm super excited, a little nervous, a little worried, and a lot anxious! Yesterday I was freaking myself out because I was apparently having sciatic nerve pain pretty bad and I was having a weird crampy feeling in my lower abdomen/pelvis area. After about 4 hours of constant hurting my mom made me call Carylon and get reassured that everything was ok. haha. I am just paranoid that I am going to start having contractions and I won't even know it, or acknowledge it. I'm not one to complain very often whenever I'm uncomfortable, so I can just see myself now... "Oh, this isn't so bad, I'll just keep working through it!". HA! The problem is that my mom is a 19 hour drive away. So, I kinda need to have some sort of indication as to when I'm going in to labor so that we can make sure she is here! She is planning on driving in next Friday, so hopefully he decides to stay in until then. I wouldn't mind if he came anytime next week actually... and here is where you'll really want to slap me in the face. See, at work, I am responsible for all of the month end closing. I run all of the reports, do all of the transactions, etc etc... so, it sure would be nice if I could have this baby already and be able to come in and close books at the end of the month. Ok, so that sounds a little ridiculous, I know.. but it's true! I already know that I am not going to have a true maternity leave. If anything I'll stay at home hopefully no more than two weeks, and then I'll either start bringing little boy to the office, or I will go home for feedings while my mom watches him. The problem with taking a true maternity leave is a) you don't get paid for maternity leave and b) we're really busy at work and not many people can do the things that I do. Oye....

Anyway, thoughts on labor...... Darren and I decided that if everything was to go perfectly and smoothly that I would not like to have an epidural. It's not that I don't believe in getting one, because believe me if I start to hurt too bad or if it is too much then I will get one! It's more of a "I don't want to rely on the drugs" and "it would be pretty cool to do it naturally". I've been preparing myself mentally and physically in case I can go through with it. But, like I said.. it's a total "We'll see" kinda deal. Darren is more concerned with me overexerting my body since I'm a pretty small gal and have been known to have blood sugar issues. I'm really not afraid of labor in any means... I guess my only concern would be that something would go wrong either with baby or myself. As for the pain... eh, bring it on! ;-) I managed to last 3 days without going to the doctor when I had a fractured pelvis, haha! I am just hoping and praying for a nice easy labor and fast recovery afterward!

I sure hope little boy decides to make his appearance soon! I am ready! Not that I haven't enjoyed being pregnant, but now that it is so close the anticipation is killing me! I can't wait to meet our little blessing from above! I can't wait to see what he looks like... will he have his Daddy's butterfly eyelashes? Will he miraculously get my hazel eye color? Will he be tall like Uncle Adam? More than anything, will he be a happy and healthy baby? I just can't wait to meet him already! After praying for a child since August of 2009, we are sure ready to meet our little one!

I'll leave you with these pictures... aren't we going to make the cutest babies?!?!?!


  1. Kristen, I was able to have Abigail without any drugs. My labor and delivery went very smoothly, and honestly, it was much easier than I thought it was going to be. I think one of the secrets to being able to go through labor without any drugs is to have Darren rub your back through the contractions. It makes a HUGE difference in how painful they are. Also, I spent all of my early labor on a birthing ball and wasn't actually in the hospital bed until it was time to push. Good luck!! No matter how the labor goes, getting to meet your baby for the first time is an indescribable experience and an absolute blessing! And don't worry if you go into labor before your Mom gets will be able to survive without her no matter how much you want her there. we managed!

  2. I had Kaitlyn with an epidural, and Gabriel and Jacob without. The birthing experience was MUCH more calm with Kaitlyn. With my boys... my husband had a very difficult time seeing me in pain. I don't think he liked that he was helpless to fix it. But AS SOON as the baby is out, the pain is immediately gone, and you forget all about it.

    Later... you feel it... BIG TIME OUCH. I explained it to the nurses... "I feel like I fell from the sky and landed on a bicycle with no seat!"