Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I've not been too "share-y" on my blog, but I really did want to keep this as a pregnancy journal.... so, get ready! ;-) If there is any TMI then I apologize, but after all, it is my blog! hehe..

While in our childbirth class the other night, they asked us to split up into men and women and share our good thoughts about pregnancy and our bad thoughts. It was quite funny to hear some of the things that the boys came up with! My sweet, amazing husband shared a wonderful good and bad that I'll definitely share with you! Here are what Darren and I decided were OUR "goods", "bads", and I threw in the "uglys" just for fun!

The "Goods" of Pregnancy
- Feeling your baby move.... there is nothing quite like it! Yes, I may have been creeped out at times by the small alien in my belly, hehe, but it lets me know that he is in there and doing ok! I'll never forget the first time I felt him kick! 
- The even closer bond that you form with your partner. I never thought my husband and I could grow to love each other more, but we do manage to fall in love more and more every day!
- Getting the pregnancy glow. I have been told that I was "glowing", which I always thought was kind of funny, but really... I think you take on a whole new aura when you're pregnant! Blame it on the hormones, or the sheer fact that you are so happy and ready to welcome life into this world!
- Knowing that you are creating life. God is so wonderful and He works in such marvelous ways. The miracle of life is just indescribable and I feel blessed to have been given this opportunity!
- Eating whatever you want because "the baby wanted it". Ok, this is probably sometimes a bad thing also, but it's fun! "I just haaaddd to have that bowl of ice cream!"
- Hearing your baby's heartbeat or seeing your baby on ultrasound!
- Talking names, nursery decor, etc. with your spouse and family
- Worry free love-makin'.. hehe.. I mean, you're already pregnant! ;-)  

The "Bads" of Pregnancy
- Symptoms. I'm just going to group these together! Heartburn, leg cramps, sore/swollen breasts, nausea, tiredness, having to pee all of the time... I could go on and on.
- Worrying. This was Darren's addition to our class. He told the group that it had taken us a long time to get pregnant, and that after we received our positive test that all we could do was worry. Worry about miscarriage, worry about the baby's health in general, etc. etc... Also grouped in to worrying in my book is finances. I can't help but every day be stressed about how we're going to afford this. We've definitely not been blessed in the money department, but before baby we were able to get by nicely. Now however, I'm scared!
- More exams than you could dream of! Getting your annual is bad enough, but be prepared for some one-on-one time with your doc and your nether regions when you're preggers! 
- Whether you want to admit it or not, later on in pregnancy there is no way to maintain your, eh, frequency of relations... hehe... with your spouse. You're either too tired or you feel like crap. I'm not saying it's out the window, but definitely less frequent, haha. 
- Having to drink ridiculous amounts of water. I honestly don't come close to drinking what they suggested I drink.... it's so hard! I'm sorry but I cannot drink 80 ounces of water per day! I'd float away!
- Unsolicited pregnancy advice. This could be an "ugly" too, haha. I would prefer that the advice from strangers be kept on a "I asked, now you give" basis... but unfortunately that's not usually the case! Also in this category.. strangers rubbing your belly! I can handle my family and friends touching the belly, but those that I'm not close to, or who I barely know? No thank you! Hands off!

The "Uglys" of Pregnancy
- Your belly button will take on a whole new life form. What you once thought was an innie is now probably an outie... or in my case in limbo between the two. Also, my belly button ring holes have stretched and are looking pretty dang ugly. Makes me regret that college decision!
- Discharge. I won't go into details. Read about it in the pregnancy books.
- Nipple change. Again, no details, just read about it. Happens to everyone!
- I'm putting this into the ugly category because to me it is worse than bad... added expenses. Between medical bills, needing to buy new clothes (maternity), buying things for the baby, trying to eat healthier thus buying better food (fresh fruit is apparently WAY more expensive than canned, haha!)..... it just all adds up, and fast. Whether you like it or not. And it FREAKS me out. Big time. Can you tell this is an issue with me?
- Pregnancy Gingivitis. I got a clean bill of health from my dentist not too long ago, but that doesn't stop my gums from bleeding. It makes brushing no fun!

I'm sure if I sat here long enough then I could come up with more. I've actually been writing this blog post for a few days here and there, but I believe I covered enough ground! You get the gist! ;-) I must say, I have had THE easiest pregnancy. Probably ever. I know, you can curse at me under your breath if you want to! No swelling, no contractions, no complications besides that minor placenta deal which apparently turned out to be nothing.... just smooth sailing! =) Hope my labor goes the same way!!!!

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