Sunday, March 20, 2011

39 Week Survey

A little late... but I've been busy preparing for baby!

The 39 Week Survey

How far along?: 38 weeks and 6 days! Only one more week!

Total weight gain: 39 pounds! Seems like I'll meet my goal of only gaining 40!

How big is baby?: On ultrasound he is 7 pounds 8 ounces... that's a big baby! =)

Maternity clothes?: The puzzle this week was finding shorts. See, all of my maternity clothes are for winter pretty much, so when it hit 90 this week I was a little hot!

Stretch marks?: No.. could I really make it all the way without them?! Please, yes!

Sleep: Rough. I wake up at least twice a night to go to the bathroom, and then my back has been hurting so it's very hard to get comfortable. Then, little boy decides it's the most appropriate time to wake up and dance around riiiighhht when I'm trying to fall asleep! So kind of him!

Best moment this week: Seeing and hearing that our little guy was nice and healthy via ultrasound and fetal monitor... and my mom is now here!!!!!!

Movement: He could probably win awards for 'Baby who moved the most in utero", haha!

Food cravings: Mini chips-a-hoy cookies... yum.

Gender: Sure do hope he comes out as a boy, hehe... he has a lot of boy clothes and what not!

Labor Signs: I was having contractions that I couldn't feel while at the doctor on Tuesday. Only reason I knew was because they showed up on the monitor! Other than that I had one contraction that I felt on Thursday night and then while walking on Saturday I felt two contractions but they went away when we returned to the house and I sat down. My body is definitely getting ready... it's just taking a while!

Belly Button in or out?
: No change. Still just kinda flat!

What I miss:
Not wondering "was that a contraction or am I just uncomfortable"? And not worrying about my blood pressure.

What I am looking forward to: OUR BABY'S ARRIVAL!!! One more week until my due date!

Weekly Wisdom:
When your doc tells you to take it easy, listen to him. Otherwise your mommy will get mad at you! ;-) hehe...

Milestones: One week to go—although doctors already consider you full-term, so you could have your baby anytime. With your uterus stretched tight to hold your full-sized baby, he has little room to move around. With the lack of space, you may notice your baby isn't kicking as much. Your little one isn't the only one who's scrunched—your internal organs have less room too. Breathing will become more labored as your lungs have less space, and your stomach has less room too, so you should expect to eat several smaller meals throughout the day. Many women lose their mucus plug a week or two before delivery (though for others it doesn't happen until right before delivery). If the mucus is pink or streaked with blood, it is known as the bloody show and usually means labor will begin within the next day. (Hasn't happened yet!!!)

Someone's face is growing!

Sorry that it's a little washed out!

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