Monday, March 28, 2011

Still No Baby

My due date has come and gone, and our little boy has apparently decided that he'd rather stay inside of me for forever instead of coming out to meet us all! Hehe... I had a doctors appointment this morning (which I was very nervous about) but it turned out ok. I have progressed from a "1" to a "2" in dilation, and am 50% effaced. Also, baby boy has moved down some, but not a whole lot. I knew that I had not been contracting much last week, and apparently I was right! I was just really glad to hear that I had made progress. My doctor is going to give me a few more days in order to hopefully obtain my desire to not be induced. However, he doesn't want me to go past the end of the month, so I am scheduled to come in on Wednesday evening to start cervidil (I'm pretty sure that's what it was) which is basically a medicine used to help your cervix along. Then, if things don't happen on their own with that medicine I'll be started on pitocin in the morning. Basically, if he doesn't come on his own, the latest we will meet our little boy would be Thursday afternoon! At this point I am most concerned for our little guy's health and my own health, so if I have to throw out my wishes for a natural birth and all that jazz then so be it. I just really would like to avoid having a cesarean if at all possible! So, the sooner we get him out the better, even though my doctor warned me that I will still be at an increased risk of having to have a c-section. We are hoping that our little guy decides to come on his own and we can skip all of this mess and worry,  but we'll see! I had a horrible night last night where I woke up every hour, and then at 5am started having contractions... which of course went away or else I'd be in the hospital right now! I was able to nap when I got home from our appointment which was nice, and now that I am "maternity leave" I'm able to take things easy at home. I really don't do well with these cervix exams! They take a toll on me! I am still very crampy from this morning and just tired in general. It's all for you baby boy... you are well worth the wait! Now, hurry up because your dad and I (plus soooo many other people) can't wait to meet you!

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