Friday, March 4, 2011

37 Week Survey

The 37 Week Survey

How far along?: 36 weeks and 6 days! Full-Term TOMORROW!

Total weight gain: 36 pounds... only 4 more pounds before I hit what my target max was/is!

How big is baby?: A little over 6 pounds now! What a little chunk! ;-) I'm hoping he's about a 7 1/2 pound baby! Wishful thinking?

Maternity clothes?: Yup. I'm beginning to wonder what I'll wear post-pregnancy now that I'm so used to stretchy waisted pants, hehe...

Stretch marks?: Nope! ...Commence Celebrating!!!

Sleep: Horrible. I wake up on average 3 times every night. Between having to pee, leg cramps, not being able to get comfortable, and then my spoiled animals, sleep is very difficult! Last night was THE worst. I made poor Darren turn the A/C on... I could not get comfortable no matter what I tried, and I was out of breath from moving around so much! Sad, huh? Plus, I had to pee three times. Not fun.

Best moment this week: The calendar turning over to March!! That means that little boy will be here THIS month (hopefully!!!!)! Plus we celebrated Darren's 27th Birthday last night! Both of my brothers reminded him that this was his last one without a kid, haha! ;-) We're almost all the way ready for little boy too which is a great feeling!

Movement: I think I have bruised ribs and a bruised belly button. No lie. haha... Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration. Last night though I really did think my left ribs were bruised. They were pretty tender. I thought the movements slowed down when they were bigger! Guess not! That's ok because I very much appreciate his movements!

Food cravings: I think I was pretty good this week. The only thing might have been that I wanted a hot chocolate from Starbucks after our Childbirth class, and NATURALLY, since Midland sucks, they couldn't make any drinks because their R/O water wasn't working or some bologna like that.

Gender: I just bought him a little baseball outfit that says "Future All Star"! Maybe he'll take after Uncle Ross!

Labor Signs: Still none. No contractions that I know of!

Belly Button in or out?
: No change. Just sticking out slightly!

What I miss:
Not getting dirty on my belly area! Apparently my belly gets in the way, and I forget or something! I'll lean against a counter, or while I'm washing dishes lean against the sink, and bam... dirty belly. hehe. Darren thinks it's funny!

What I am looking forward to: FULL TERM TOMORROW!!!! I also can't wait until our appointment at Dr. Blanco's to see how big little boy is, and my mommy will be here in two weeks!

Weekly Wisdom:
I know it may sound crazy, but plan for the unexpected. I keep thinking, "Wow, tomorrow I will be full term, and little boy could come at any time!". Therefor we will be putting in the car seat, packing our hospital bag and diaper bag, and making all of those other plans that are required when you're having a baby!

Milestones: At 37 weeks, your baby's body is developed enough to survive outside the womb. His lungs, now filled with amniotic fluid, are ready to take his first breaths of air. His eyelids flutter open and shut preparing for their first view of you! This baby is just about done growing inside you. That means it could be anytime now!

Excuse the work look!

Lucky to still be relatively small!

Fun(?) Facts:
- Waist at belly button: 41"
- Current weight:  149.6 pounds

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