Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Countdown Begins!

There are only 12 more days until my due date, and really today is almost over so, 11 days! Holy smokes! Yesterday we had a regular OB appointment which was boring as usual. Heartbeat sounded good, fundal height was right on, etc etc... However, today I had an appointment with the specialist in Midland. It was both a good and bad appointment. First off, our "little" boy is currently measuring at 7lbs 8oz on ultrasound! WOW! He'd be perfect size if he came out TODAY. haha! He was measuring right with my due date which was good and everything looked healthy ultrasound wise. The bad of the appointment was that my blood pressure was high, which it is usually higher at this doc than at my normal doc. So, I get to do another 24hr urine analysis and blood work to see if I'm developing pre-eclampsia. After the ultrasound I had to be hooked up to a fetal monitor for about 20 minutes. It was so hard to try to relax during that because I could hear his heartbeat and it's fluctuations. Apparently the fluctuations were when I was having contractions! Who knew?! I didn't feel them so I didn't know what was going on and was worried about our little guy. The doc said that everything looked good with the test though, so right now it's just a sit and wait kinda deal. We'll see what the results of the urine analysis and blood work are. I unfortunately have to go back to this doctor again next Tuesday. I thought this was going to be our last appointment with him. He just wants me to come back to check everything again, but like he said, only if I am still pregnant! Ha! My doctor told me that I won't go past the end of the month. He said that if I am even dilated to a two and don't have him by Monday the 28th that I'll be induced on the 28th. If I'm not dilated at my appointment on the 21st then we will wait and check me again on the 28th and then induce before month end. I am hoping and praying with all of my might that he comes on his own. Like I mentioned in my previous post, we are really hoping for a natural birth if and only if possible. We feel very prepared for this, but you just never know what will happen. The thing with induction is that first off it's more medicine that your body doesn't need. It makes you go into labor when your body is not yet telling you it's time. Then, it makes contractions harder and faster, so you almost definitely need an epidural. So, there would go my hopes of a natural birth! We'll see though..... Come on little boy, decide it's time next week sometime! haha... My mom is now coming on Thursday, as in two days, instead of Friday because she wants to help me out around the house and help me relax. My doctor told me to start taking my blood pressure at work (since I told him that I can't stop working unless I REALLY have to) and if it is elevated then I need to go lay down or go home for the day. I have to admit, work has been so stressful lately and we have been working our tails off. Point and case, we worked this weekend for about 5 hours on Saturday. I know there are a lot of people who work weekends but it was just not what I wanted to be doing! So.... hopefully everything will continue to go well. At least now we know that he definitely not having any problems from the circumvallate placenta. He's definitely growing JUST FINE! ;-)

Please say some prayers for us as we enter this last stretch of the pregnancy. I know that God will take good care of us and our precious miracle of life!


  1. Can you just tell them you don't want to be induced?

  2. howdy. i hope the next week or so and the delivery and all that jazz go well for you. :]

    shoot for march 29th. that's a good day. hah!

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