Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Induction Time

Well, our little guy decided that he's still not ready to come out on his own, so we are headed to the hospital this evening to start the induction process. I am praying that everything goes well and that he is a healthy baby! It is so surreal to me to know that this is the last time I'll be in my house without my baby boy here. Last night was the last night that we will sleep without our baby in his cradle. It's a weird feeling to know exactly (well, not exactly but close) when he will be here. I am sad that we won't have the element of surprise when my labor starts.... no water breaking in the middle of the night, timing contractions, etc... but you know what, at this point I just want a healthy baby and healthy delivery for me! This was apparently all in God's plan! We can't wait to meet our little boy. It is so exciting to think that he will probably be here sometime in the next 24 hours! I am not letting myself get too disappointed about having to be induced, or possibly not getting to do my natural birth, because I know that I will have other children... well, God willing I will have other children. Experiences can be different! Plus, even if for some reason we don't get to have any more children then I will still have my beautiful baby boy! God is so amazing... His love is so plentiful and his blessings numerous!

We will be taking a computer to the hospital so that we can keep everyone updated via facebook and my blog. Ah, the wonders of technology! =) Thank you in advance for all of your prayers for a healthy delivery, healthy baby, and healthy momma!


  1. Everything will be great!! Love & prayers y'all's way!!

  2. oh my gosh!!! so excited!!!! It's been a fun journey, but now I can't wait to see your baby! :) Good luck tonight! :) Prayers!