Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Advice Requested!

Darren and I have had tons of fun (yes, him included) looking at baby stuff lately and picking out new things for people to buy our baby boy... hehe. We started our first registry at Babies R Us in Lubbock, only 2 days before finding out we were having a boy. Cristina and Evan had taken us to the store and showed us some of their likes, dislikes, and faves, so we started the registry process! Last night we went to the Babies R Us in Midland and added more items. I know it's not typical to register for clothes, or as many as we did, but they were all so cute and we hope to get some of them! ;-)

Here's where I need help! I am still at a loss when it comes to bottles, breast pumps, and diapers. I currently plan on breastfeeding for at least 6 months (unless something happens or baby just can't), but know that bottles will be needed intermittently. I'm hoping to pump when at work or something so that baby boy can still have breast milk. So... could I please get some recommendations from you mommy's out there? I would love to hear advice on bottles, breast pumps, and diapers! ;-) Keep in mind we're on a budget! haha! I added a Medela pump on my registry but can always change it. Also, I looked at the Tommy Tippee "closer to nature" bottles, and they seemed to be very close to breastfeeding, or so the reviews made them seem to be!

I greatly appreciate all of the help! I know my fellow mom-readers are super smart and awesome moms! Can't wait to hear your advice! =) Thanks in advance!!!!


  1. BOTTLES: you're going to have to find what he likes best- every baby is totally different. I purchased several of the bottles similar in shape/function to the breast and found the one that worked best and was most affordable. Keep in mind that some babies won't take a bottle at all (I apparently never did when I was a baby). That being said, I've heard TommyTippee is good but WAY overpriced. The Avent and playtex drop in are what we used the most.

    PUMPS: It depends on how you're going to use it. If you plan on pumping alot, you'll want to purchase a Medela or Ameda pump. If you'll only use it in the beginning, you'll want to rent one from the hospital. If you plan on using it periodically like I did, just get a cheaper one (I like the playtex). No matter what, make sure it's hospital grade, double sided, and that it has adjustable levels and speed of suction. Also, if you go with Medela- get the soft, flexible cups (the hard plastic ones will give you blisters at first).

    DIAPERS: Once again every kid is different. Pampers are usually the best in the beginning because the poo is so runny you need the best diaper you can get or you'll be doing way more laundry than you want to. Huggies are okay, but only if you have a short, chunky baby. We like LUVS the best because they're the most effective at the most reasonable price.

    This is WAY long. Just call if you ever have questions. =)

  2. I'll do something similar...

    BOTTLES: I have two kids, and used two different bottles with each of them. With Kaitlyn, I did Nuk. I wanted to get a bottle that was close to the breast because I was hoping to breastfeed. Well... she did fine breastfeeding, and had no trouble switching between breast and bottle. Not every baby is like that. I know two moms that had boys that would NOT take a bottle at all! With Jacob, I actually chose not to do the Nuk bottles. I decided since I had some bottles from my Madela pump that I would just use those bottles and get a few more to have enough. He has not had any problems switching from breast to bottle either (he took a bottle at 2 days old). I figure that Madela (one of the BEST breastpump brands out there) probably knows what they are doing with a nipple. I have actually really liked the Madela bottles; there has been less stuff to wash (no more pumping in one bottle and using another to feed).

    PUMP: Madela ALL THE WAY! Yeah they are expensive... but think about it... if you're using it every day for a few months to a year and having more than one baby... you'll get your money's worth out of it. I have the "pump in style", and LOVE it. I actually had a travel one that was given to me by my cousin and didn't even realize that it was a travel one (I just thought it was an older version). I can pump both sides at the same time now in 5 minutes. With the travel pump (that I used for 9 months with Kaitlyn) it took me 30 minutes. If you plan to travel in the car (long trips) definitely recommend an adapter so you can pump in the car.

    DIAPERS: With Kaitlyn I liked Pampers, with Jacob I don't care. Whatever I get a deal on. He usually wears Pampers or Huggies. Pampers have a scent to them, and I know some babies that cannot wear them because they have sensitive skin- so they have to wear something unscented. Huggies are actually unscented. I actually haven't bought diapers in over 2 months because I learned how to stock up. I'm just bummed it took me so long to figure it out. I don't spend more than $5 a pack. I get coupons, save em up, and when there's a good deal I stock up! CVS is where I get most of my diapers. http://www.simplycvsshopping.com/ check out her blog to see how to stock up :)

  3. Bottles: I used the Playtex drop-ins and loved them. The only thing was that she didn't like the silicone nipples and would only use the latex nipples. So just buy a couple of each and then see which he likes.

    Pump: Definitely go with hospital grade. I had a really hard time breast-feeding, so make sure that you get a good pump. You don't want to have to fight a sorry pump with everything else going on! My Medela pump was great.

    Diapers: I used Pampers when she was a newborn. They seemed to be the softest and most absorbent. After about size 1, we went to Huggies and love them. That's all we use. Other brands seem to not work so well for us.