Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Minute

It's time for another Monday Minute, brought to you by Cristina!

Here are my answer's to her questions! If you'd like to answer your own, copy my questions and head to her site and upload your blog!

(1) What's your biggest pet peeve?
Lying. Can't stand it, but really - who can? Also, I hate getting the hiccups. They annoy me very badly. Lastly, biggest pet peeve... when people crack body parts. Oh it just sounds awful!!!
(2) Describe your first kiss. 
Well, it was in 8th grade to a boy who I had dated all through my 7th grade year but who had broken up with me to date a cheerleader. You can imagine how shocked I was, ha. Anyway, I had a New Year's party at my house and all of my friends came over. At some point in time I guess they dared us to kiss so we did. Nothing special, no fireworks, but back in middle school it was a big deal! haha... Now, my first kiss with my husband - AMAZING. Simply amazing. Funny how a kiss can tell you so much!
(3) Describe the drunkest night of your life (or at least, the drunkest night you can remember).
Oh Jesyca.... my partner in crime. Jesyca and I, even though we were not of age yet, decided to go out with the older Olive Garden servers who could in fact drink. We went to a pool hall where they bought us drinks, and then we went to someone's house and drank more... I pretty much remember one of our bartenders driving us all back to my house, and I slept on the bathroom floor. It was great fun... not! I am not much of a drinker, and really have not ever been drunk since that night, and that was in 2005, haha. I guess when in college, everyone needs one good drunken night!
(4) What's the last movie you saw and what did you think of it?
Uh... pause while I think really hard about this because I never get to go see movies... I can't think of what I saw in the movie theater, but the last movie we rented on our Blu-Ray was The Informant. And that was really good, well, at times. I knew the ADM story already so it was just kinda neat to see how they portrayed it. Again, this could be wrong because it has literally been forever since I've watched a movie! No time!
(5) Do you prefer taking a bath or a shower?
I love both... I love being warm, haha. If I just want to relax then I take a bath. Someday I want a nice big tub in our bathroom. Right now we have a little dinky one that is not that great... but it'll do for now! I do love our new shower at our house! It's a big walk in one, perfect for two! =)


  1. Love saving water and showering with a friend! Love soaking in a hot bath to warm up too.

  2. Oh no! I always crack my back! SORRY! You could never be with Evan for a prolonged period of time because he cracks his fingers and wrist all the time, especially when I'm cuddling with him so I can hear and feel it...ewww!! : )

    See you sooooon! YAY!

  3. Hey!! omg...that night was probably one of the most insane nights I had in college! Im glad it was with you though!