Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Introducing.. Our Furbabies!

Everyday I tell our coworkers stories about what our pets did the evening before. Our pets really do think they're people, and that they belong with us at all times. Point in case, right now they are outside, yet the window to our bedroom is open.... so all 3 of them have been whining and wanting in - nonstop! So, since they are so important to us, and well, a part of our family, I figured that I'd introduce them to all of you!

Meet Pearl...

She is our 6 month old Border Collie & Labrador Retriever cross. She acts like a lab, and looks kinda like a border collie. She is a hoot. She is super smart, loves to chew on her rawhide bones, and loves to sleep ON things. Whether it's on our boot, the couch (oops), a blanket or pillow on the floor... she just loves being on things when she sleeps. She's the sweetest dog ever though. She loves getting "lovin's". One day when she was a puppy we decided to see if we could teach her a trick, and within 5 minutes she knew how to sit. She now can sit, stay, shake, shake with her other hand, turn around, lay down, and she knows "gentle" and "wait" while giving her a treat. She's a smarty! She currently still thinks she's a puppy so has to chew everything, including my pumpkins. ;-) She loves the water, swimming, and playing with the hose. She's definitely a lab when it comes to that part! We love her to death and couldn't imagine our evenings without her!

Meet Shiner and Miller...

Shiner and Miller are brothers who came from our neighbors at the Cook house. While they were on vacation we took care of their cats, and one day one cat had kittens! We made sure that they stayed dry while it rained like crazy and formed a bond with the little kitties. When they got home they were more than happy to get rid of  two of them. We took two so that they could keep each other company, and that they do! They go everywhere together. If you see one the other is not far behind. They love sleeping on the top of our couch, and cuddle with each other often. They love their sister Pearl, surprisingly... even though she'd pick them up by their heads when they were little and carry them around. They too think that they need to be with us 24/7. They love sleeping at our feet, and licking us haha. Miller (the orange kitty) loves water.... strange, I know. He drinks from the toilet, will paw at the water if you leave it running for him to play in, and doesn't mind being out in the rain. Miller is also the more adventurous cat. When they were smaller he would leave the yard when Shiner wouldn't. Now they both do, ha. Shiner (the brown kitty) on the other hand, does not like water, and would rather not jump on things or try to get into things. He's definitely the follower of the bunch. They both are sweet and very loving. We love having them around!

Darren and I are both total animal people, and I love that. Growing up animals were such a large part of my life, and even though they weren't such a big deal with Darren's family, he still had a place in his heart for animals of all kinds. I love that about him! We'll probably have some horses, and another dog later in life, hehe... Gotta love all God's creatures!

So, now, if you hear me post about our animals, you'll know who I'm talking about! Better go let them in... ;-) Spoiled rotten!

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  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean!!! Our dogs are like babies to us too!! I really think of us as having four "kids"- they definitely make things crazy when you add a baby! :) One of our dogs LOVES my clean laundry, warm sun spot, under the covers, or under my decorative pillows. :) I know of another cat that loves to drink out of the toilet, I thought that was rather odd... and hilarious!!!