Monday, October 18, 2010


We're having a BOY!!!!  Mommy and Daddy are very excited and cannot wait now to meet our little one in just 23 short weeks! Time to get busy! We're almost halfway there!

Our doctors appointment this morning was great. Baby Boy Hillger is healthy and so is mommy! Carylon, aka our superhero, did our sneak-peak ultrasound for us! At first baby was not cooperating, and had his little legs crossed! Carylon left to get another ultrasound tech, and while she was gone we gave baby a pep-talk, haha. When the ultrasound tech came in she immediately was able to find in between his legs and spotted his "turtle" right away! We were so excited to see our little one again, and now it is even more real feeling! I cried, naturally... it was just so exciting! We really did not care either way what we were having. Both of us had feelings at different times that it was different genders, and really it turned out to be easier that we're having a boy! We already had our boy name picked out and only had options for girls names, but none were we really in love with. Plus I had ideas for color schemes and themes for a boys room, but not really for a girls! It was meant to be!

Background about our families real quick. I am the only girl in my family... only! Darren's family on the Hillger side has all boys except for one lonely girl, who we absolutely love, Miss Britni! So, it's funny that we're keeping with tradition and producing yet another boy! =)

Here are some photos from our ultrasound, and our revealing afterwards!

We love you Baby Boy.... you have stolen our hearts already!


  1. YAY this is such great news! Congrats guys! I know that day is freaking awesome. When you know the name already's like they finally become a person. At least, that's how we felt. Can't wait to meet him (I'm not putting the name on the comment because I don't know if you've announced that yet, so I'll let you do it!)

  2. You know it was the same with me and Uncle Doug. We knew the boy's names early on but could never decide on a girl's name. If either Chris or Jonathan had been a girl, they would have been nameless for days! Things just work out that way sometimes, eh?! Love, Teri