Monday, October 11, 2010

16 Week Survey

I know this is a little late, but the internet at our house really stinks, so I'm just now getting a chance to update! =) I'm going to write it as if I did it on Friday because that's when I took my picture... sorry!

The 16 Week Survey

How far along?: 15 weeks and 6 days!

Total weight gain: 6 pounds! Yahoo!

How big is baby?: Almost 5 inches, about 4 ounces and the size of an avocado!

Maternity clothes?: I wear baggy shirts or my cute maternity tee's that my mom got me. Other than that I can still wear jeans, but they're getting super tight after meals... might need to invest in one of those belly bands pretty soon!

Stretch marks?: Bought some cocoa butter lotion today, just to try! haha...

Sleep: I guess I won't know what it's like to not be tired until I'm 50!!

Best moment this week: Seeing my big belly day after day! It's there all the time now!

Movement: Not yet, but we're hoping to feel it soon!

Food cravings: Pickles and grapes... which if you know me, I do not eat fruit.. so this was good!

Gender: Thinking pink! hehe...

Labor Signs: Negative!

Belly Button in or out?
: A very not so deep innie....

What I miss:
Not feeling like poo! I'm tired of my head and back hurting... oh goodness listen to me whine! It's worth it!

What I am looking forward to: Next week is our Dr. appointment - come on baby, let's find out your gender!

Weekly Wisdom:
An entire bowl of grapes may sound good at the time, but your digestive system will hate you later, hahaha...

Milestones: Baby's skeletal system is forming as calcium is being deposited into it's bones. Baby is growing like a weed!!! Baby Hillger can hear us talk to him/her now, and responds to loud noises. We're pretty sure after the football game on Friday that we can take baby to any game next year and he/she will sleep right through it, haha!

Watch out for the pregnant lady! Coming through!

Fun(?) Facts:
- Waist at belly button: 34", omg.
- Breasts: 38"... double omg. That's over 3ft to get all the way around me. Holy moly.
- Current weight: 119.2 - yahoo! Although, I need to be at 125 right now!

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  1. it will be triple omg when you can't get your waist at belly button back! ;) you forget all about that when you see your baby :)