Thursday, August 5, 2010


Tomorrow is finally here - our first doctors appointment! We can hardly contain our excitement! We're praying that everything is healthy and normal! It'll just be such a relief to finally go. The pregnancy is still not real unless I realllllly think about it. haha. I'm still feeling great, except for being tired and having sore boobs. I don't want to jinx myself, but it almost feels like I need to be sick. ;-) Or maybe I'll pass. Carylon is going to do our ultrasound tomorrow! So pumped! It's such a great feeling to have her as a go-to, a friend, a doctor, an aunt... etc etc. She's awesome!

We keep telling more and more people, lol. Grandparents now know, and some more close friends. Oops! We're hoping that everything comes out great tomorrow so that we can become official! We know telling facebook/the world at 7 weeks is still early, but we feel that if we get a clean bill of health that we'll be ok with telling. So... we'll see!

I'll post tomorrow how the appointment goes! YAY!

"Be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead!" ~ I Peter 1:6

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