Tuesday, August 17, 2010

9 Week Survey

The 9 Week Survey

How far along?: 8 weeks and 3 days! We're already over 2 months in to the pregnancy!

Total weight gain: Still holding steady at 5 pounds... I made a typo last week and put 7 pounds, oops!

How big is baby?: A whole inch! About the size of an olive! =) Growing like a weed!

Maternity clothes?: Getting closer on the pants thing! Well, depends on what time of day it is. At night I am a lot larger because I've been eating all day, haha.

Stretch marks?: Nope!

Sleep: Oh. My. Goodness. I have never been so tired. I read on parents.com that it is technically called "pregnancy fatigue" and is caused by the increase in progesterone. I cannot sleep enough. I'd love to sleep all day every day if I didn't have a job!

Best moment this week: Going baby shopping for the first time at Babies R Us, for my OWN baby! It was awesome! I bought a super cute pj outfit, and Andrea (who has no Grandma name yet) bought our baby an adorable blanket! And before that Aunt Leslie and Uncle Trey bought Baby Hillger an adorable footprint frame that you do yourself!

Movement: No again!

Food cravings: Food aversion. I had my first day of nausea yesterday, and I did not feel like eating ANYTHING. Today was a little better, but still nothing sounds good. Hoping it goes away soon!

Gender: Still calling the little bean a girl, hehe... although I have found TONS of baby boy bedding that I like, and only ONE baby girl bedding. Hmm...

Labor Signs: Negative!

Belly Button in or out?
: Poochy innie!

What I miss:
Staying awake with my husband later than 9pm...

What I am looking forward to: Our next doctor's appointment is this coming Monday! HOORAY!!!

Weekly Wisdom:
When your friend tells you to buy ginger-ale and have it on hand, DO IT. Haha, I should have bought some the first time Cristina suggested it, and I did not.. so yesterday was sad, lol. I needed it bad!

Milestones: Our baby is now considered a fetus! We're past 2 months in to the pregnancy! All major organs are present! Poor little tadpoles tail is starting to disappear! Girl/Boy parts are starting to form, even though we can't see them yet!

Ready to start showing, and not just feeling fat!

Fun(?) Facts:
- Hips: 34", up one inch
- Waist at belly button: 30 1/2", up 2 1/2"
- Breasts: 35", holding strong and popping out!
- Bra Size: 34C, which is starting to get too small!
- Pant size: 3, same
- Shirt size: Small, same
- Weight at start of pregnancy: 113.6
- Current weight: 117 and some... I forgot to write it down!

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