Friday, August 20, 2010 the speed of light!

Life is moving by entirely too quickly. My head is spinning and I am about to go crazy! All good things, mind you.... Let's have a run-down.

1. We found out we're pregnant! - July
2. We find out we're moving to a new house! - July/August
3. We buy a new car! - August
4. I find out I can start Grad school this Fall instead of the Spring as planned! - Today!!

The departmental coordinator for the Masters of Agriculture at A&M e-mailed me this morning and told me that if I could find an Interim Advisor that I could start classes this Fall instead of waiting until the Spring. She said I was in as an "auto-admit" because of my grades and my GRE scores, so all I needed was an advisor and I was good to go! Holy moly. So, I e-mailed two professors, and one called me back this afternoon and told me she'd be happy to serve as my advisor! I couldn't believe it... It's actually happening! I'm going "back to school" this Fall! Now, granted, it's all online, but still... I'm scared! I already have too much on my plate... CYO, CCD, Work, Baby Growin'.... now add STUDENT! I don't know what I'm getting myself in to, but I'm excited! I'll be The Proudest Member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2012, assuming I graduate on time! ;-) Which probably won't happen, what with having a baby in the Spring and all.

Wish me luck. Please pray for us. I'm so scared yet so excited about our future!

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