Friday, September 24, 2010

Awesome Appointment

I'm sorry that I'm so far behind on posting. This moving business is seriously kicking our butts! This weekend we are going to be so blessed with our first visitors to the new house! My dad, his fiancé Maggie, and her daughter Tabitha... plus their two dogs... will be coming for a weekend visit while dad is on vacation! So, needless to say, the cleaning/organizing/decorating has been in full swing this week........ except for the fact that it really hasn't. Ha. I've been tired, still, even though it's the second trimester. I think things are getting better though. There is only so much that your body can take after all, and my body has definitely had enough and is screaming for a break! Last night we stayed up until midnight trying to get things ready. We managed to get the upstairs guest room bed set up, the bathroom cleaned and set up, and so now things are functional upstairs for our guests. Not pretty, keep in mind, but functional. Tonight we're going to finish the kitchen, living room, and our bedroom... or well, make it look like someone lives there and is not moving in/out. Ha!

So, back to the point of my post! Monday we had our 3rd checkup with Carylon. And of course, she did an ultrasound for us! Apparently we were supposed to have heard our baby's heartbeat at our 9 week appointment, but I guess Dr. Byerly forgot or something! So, Monday we heard our sweet baby's heartbeat for the first time, and it was AMAZING. I have been so proud of myself because I have not cried yet! I bet when we find out the sex I'll cry, haha... Anyway, Carylon also did another ultrasound for us. Our baby had changed by leaps and bounds... and it was doing just that... leaping and bounding! Not really, but it was kicking and did wave hi at one point! Carylon tried to check the sex but the machines are really hard to see clearly on. She did say that she had a guess, but she wouldn't tell us! Bummer! It was just so awesome to see how much our baby had grown in just 4 short weeks. Amazing. I love him/her so much already!!!!

Here are some pictures from our appointment... and if you're interested, send me an e-mail or comment and I'll send you the video that we took of the heartbeat and ultrasound! Don't want to post it on the web though, it's a secret link on youtube, so just let me know. Thanks!

Profile view

 Amazing view of baby's face, arm and leg!

Baby Hillger waves hello!!!

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