Friday, September 17, 2010

13 Week Survey

The 13 Week Survey

How far along?: 12 weeks and 6 days! HELLO Second Trimester!

Total weight gain: A little over 5 pounds!

How big is baby?:3 inches long, almost a whole ounce, and about the size of a peach!

Maternity clothes?: Nope, although I am already building up quite the selection! My awesome momma has been making me clothes! How cool!

Stretch marks?: Nope!

Sleep: So. Much. Better.  - Although I'm still tired all of the time it is not near as bad as it was. Point and case, last night I stayed up until a whopping 11pm! hehe

Best moment this week: Seeing the baby bump still there day after day! =)

Movement: No again!

Food cravings: Yesterday and today I have been craving a pulled pork sandwich... and I have no clue where that craving came from, but man, I better get one soon!

Gender: Latest dream said it was a girl, and the Chinese birth chart says a girl... haha, but nothing means nothing!

Labor Signs: Negative!

Belly Button in or out?
: Still an innie!

What I miss:
Cookie dough... Maybe I should learn how to make it sans-eggs. That would be nice.

What I am looking forward to: Our appointment in just a few days! Carylon says we will DEFINITELY be listening to the heartbeat! I can't wait for that moment! Hoping to video it!

Weekly Wisdom:
If moving, make sure to have AWESOME in-laws and family around. ;-)

Milestones: Baby's body is starting to catch up to baby's head! Vocal chords are developing, but thank goodness we can't hear the crying yet! Lastly, we are pretty much to the "safe" zone. The chances of miscarriage greatly decrease past the 12th week. Praise God!

Baby bump is here to stay!  
Ignore the slouching... and don't you love my Bearkat get-up?
Fun(?) Facts:
 - Current weight: 118.6, gained a whole pound in a week!
- I don't want to measure my chest, because I'm scared of the size, haha... just kidding, but definitely, we might need to go bra shopping!


  1. Why can't you eat cookie dough? I don't know this rule...I had a crap ton when I was pregnant! haha

  2. Well, I heard it was just best to try not to eat it since it had raw eggs, and they could POTENTIALLY make you sick. haha... but I think it's worth the risk! ;-)