Monday, July 26, 2010

6 Week Survey

The 6 Week Survey

How far along?: 5 weeks and 1 day, just entering my 6th week!

Total weight gain: 2 pounds... but that's from eating more, lol.. and boobage, if that's a word. ;-)

How big is baby?: 0.13in, hehe, and less than 0.4oz, about the size of a sweat pea or apple seed according to which iPhone app you read!

Maternity clothes?: Negative, although we may need stretchier pants if I keep eating like this... oh and new bras. ;-)

Stretch marks?: Nope!

Sleep: I go to bed earlier, but that is because it takes a lot to sleep. My boobs hurt too bad to lay in certain positions, making it difficult to sleep! Plus I'm tired all of the time!

Best moment this week: Telling our siblings! We're slowly but surely letting out the news! Seeing my belly after a huge meal... I seriously looked about 12 weeks pregnant! Darren loved it and kept rubbing my belly, hehe...

Movement: No again!

Food cravings: Tomatoes... seriously, I eat one a day, which if you know me is a MAJOR improvement.

Gender: Happy and healthy is all I care about, although a girl would be nice!

Labor Signs: Negative!

Belly Button in or out?
: Still a nice innie!

What I miss:
Not having sore boobs, drinking as much DP as I'd like...

What I am looking forward to: Our Dr. appointment next week!!!!!!!

Weekly Wisdom:
Telling your family and friends in different ways is lots of fun!

Milestones: Our baby's heart will start to beat this week, or maybe it already is! I wish we could hear it, but next week we should be able to see it!

6 Weeks and still feeling skinny... before meals that is!

Fun(?) Facts:
I'll update most of these often, but some (like clothing size and what not I'll only update with a change)

- Hips: 33"
- Waist at belly button: 29"
- Breasts: 35" (that's a whole inch gain since I measured myself for Leslie's wedding!)
- Bra Size: 34C, with no padding. Padding makes the girls say hello!
- Pant size: 3
- Shirt size: Small
- Weight at start of pregnancy: 113.6
- Current weight: 116!!

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