Friday, July 23, 2010

5 Week Survey

The 5 Week Survey

How far along?: 4 weeks and 5 days, but Carylon calls this my 5th week because really it's the 5th full week! First week was June 20 - June 27, Second week June 27 - July 4, Third week July 4 - July 11, Fourth week July 11 - July 18, Fifth week July 18 - July 25!

Maternity clothes?: Bah, not yet! However I might need a new bra if the girls keep up at their current pace of growth! ;-)

Stretch marks?: Well duh..... not unless you count the ones on my butt that are already there, lol!

Sleep: I'm tired all the time so I have been definitely sleeping, but then I have to pee so I get up in the middle of the night - totally annoying.

Best moment this week: Telling our family!!!! We've known for a whole week now, can you believe it? It was so hard not to burst at the seams when we found out and tell the whole world!

Movement: I'm pretty sure "peanut" or "chip" is not big enough for that yet! I had some cramping, but luckily nothing severe, and not accompanied by bleeding or spotting - hooray!

Food cravings: More like food aversion. I'm not nauseous but I just don't feel like certain things. I have been eating more tomatoes though - woo hoo!

Gender: Darren wants a girl, and secretly so do I, but more that likely it will be another Hillger man!

Labor Signs: That would be the worst thing right now because it would be miscarriage! Yikes.

Belly Button in or out?
: These are definitely made for women who are further along than myself, lol... it's an innie!

What I miss:
Nothing yet! =D Just happy as a clam!

What I am looking forward to: Telling the rest of our friends and family, going to the doctor for the first time...

Weekly Wisdom:
Don't waste your money on multiple pregnancy tests. haha... If you get two positives, then you're probably good to go! I took a total of 5! Oops...

Milestones: Finding out! haha... Telling our parents... Making our first doctors' appointment!

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  1. Start taking your belly pictures if you haven't yet! Evan and I did it every Monday, so maybe that's what you do if it's a girl...