Sunday, June 27, 2010

Clomid and the wedding cont..

Trey and Leslie are finally hitched! The wedding and receptions yesterday were beautiful and we had tons of fun! I wasn't feeling quite up to snuff the whole time, but I survived! I slept much better after that first night in the hotel room. I also had a slightly larger appetite yesterday than Friday. However still not much! My back was hurting yesterday before the wedding which worried carylon but it was more so the middle of the back, so she said that was ok. My only real problem then has been the hot flashes. They are more like heat waves!!! Ha! Carylon asked about the intercourse, which of course had been non existent since we were sharing a hotel room with family, lol... But luckily last night we had the room to ourselves! I'm glad that I'm totally comfortable with her when discussing things like that, lol.

We are now on our way back to garden city, still, after leaving Houston at 10:30. I'm ready to be home! We took pearl to my dads house for the weekend and she had a great time playing with her brother oso! Now she's sleeping on darrens lap as he drives, ha!

Well, 2 more days of clomid! Tonight and tomorow! Here's hoping the bad symptoms stay away!

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