Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day

This Sunday is Mother's Day. I am so blessed to have both my mother in my life, and my mother-in-law, who is like another mom to me. Both are such amazing women, both inspirational, both kind-hearted.... the list goes on and on. I am going to celebrate this mothers day as a doggy-momma, and I am ok with that. Pearl has found her home in Garden City and we are so excited to have her with us! She is the cutest damn thing ever! It's just like raising a baby... puppies seriously are the same in my book as newborns! Except newborns tend to not bite your toes! ;-) Pearl is easing us in to parenthood, and winning our hearts over more and more each day. This must be what it's like to be a mom. I'm not (going to try) going to let it get me down that I am not an actual mother yet. Instead I will celebrate the wonderful women in my life and thank the good Lord for all of the blessings he has given us. I found this on a blog:

Live for the moment and appreciate the day. You may not be a mom yet, but you most likely have your mom, your aunt(s), and maybe even your grandmother(s) to love and be grateful for. Be joyful for all of the women who have been ‘motherly’ to you. And celebrate yourself for all those you are ‘motherly’ to (nieces, nephews, furbabies, students, patients, etc.); you mean a LOT to them. Acknowledge that and smile. Perhaps next year, you will finally celebrate this upcoming holiday with a baby (or two)!

Woo hoo, she mentioned furbabies! =) Our little Pearl is definitely a furbaby! lol... Love it.

I'll post pictures of the little stinker in her new home later! Right now she is sleeping in my office, being such a good little girl!

Happy Mother's Day to my mom's and grandmother's... You mean the world to me!

"Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you"
~Exodus 20:12

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