Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fun Times

Lately I have been super relaxed, and enjoying life! I have not had time to worry about charting, what day it is, when I'm supposed to start, etc etc... instead I have been focusing my time and energy on having fun, enjoying time with my husband and our ADORABLE puppy Pearl! She is so much fun! We spend all of our time with her now. Thank goodness it's getting nice outside, minus the wind and extreme heat! We love her to pieces even though she can be a handful at times! I'm pretty sure this is preparing us for parenthood, lol. My father-in-law suggested that maybe this will get my "motherly juices" going.... take that however you might like to, lol.

Well, let's see, if I was caring about things then we should be finding out in about a week or so. But like I said, I dropped the charting this month after about the second week because we were getting up at different times with Pearl, and then we were out of town, so there's no telling when I ovulated. We just made sure to have our bases covered! ;-)

Praying for our miracle, but knowing that it is IN GOD'S HANDS... Not mine!

“From the fullness of grace we have received one blessing after another” - John 1:16

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