Friday, March 12, 2010

Books and More

Lately I have had the urge to baby shop. I'm crossing fingers, toes, eyes, whatever, that this means that I need to actually baby shop! Now, in the past I've wanted to look at things, but lately it's been a necessity almost. Cristina's blog entries about what her likes/dislikes for baby gear are sort of to blame for sparking interest... but seriously, I feel the need to look at baby stuff. This prompted an actual move of buying today. I purchased on amazon two of my FAVORITE books that I had when I was little. I didn't know until I texted my mom that my grandmother had actually purchased those books for me. It was all my mom could do to keep from crying, seeing me buy them for my future daughter (we can hope).

The Magic Locket - Complete with an actual locket. I still have this book, but of course have lost the locket. It was all I could do to find one with the locket. It said that the locket is tarnished, but I don't even care! I was just glad to find one with a locket!

The Good Luck Pony - also, had a charm necklace. I'm not sure if I still have this book or not, and the one that I purchased said that it was new, so it better have that necklace!

We should know by the end next week whether or not we were successful this go-around or not. My temperature has gone up since Saturday, and has stayed up, so we're really hoping that is when I ovulated. That's a lot better than last time! Who knows! It's in God's hands, but we're just reallllly hoping he remembers us down here! =D We're ready, God!!!!

"Then you will have success if you are careful to observe the decrees and laws that the LORD gave Moses for Israel. Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or discouraged."
1 Chronicles 22:13

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  1. AW, I'm sorry I made you have the urge to shop! : (

    I hope this go around worked too!! Good that you had something show up on the charts. That's a great sign. You gonna try and wait until later in the week for the first test or are you gonna try the first day possible? hee hee...