Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Life Lately

The past week has been a complete whirlwind. Between Darren being gone for two days to Oklahoma, and now Reagan being sick, my house and life feel like they are in total disarray. Oh yes, because they are! Our weekend was great - thank you three day holiday weekend. We spent nearly the entire weekend at my inlaws house. We swam in the pool, Clayton played with all his aunts/uncles, and we enjoyed family time. However, Monday morning we woke up and Reagan was HOT. I took her temperature and it was 101.3. The following evening she had thrown up, but at the time I thought she just spit up a LOT. We're talking her entire bottle. I didn't know that was vomit though for babies, so we went about our business. So Monday when she woke up we didn't know what was wrong, but shortly after that she vomited again. Of course it had to be a holiday so our doctors office was closed. The on-call doctor finally called us back after about an hour of waiting and told us that we should go ahead and bring her in to be checked. Fever in babies under 8 weeks is a big deal. We quickly got dressed, packed up the two diaper bags, and dropped Clayton off with my inlaws. (Thank goodness for them!) We headed in to Midland as fast as we could. After a lengthy examination, more vomit, and lots of crying, the doctor determined that she had a virus. There was nothing we could do but give her tylenol for her fever. We just had to let it run it's course. The doctor found white dots on her gums which indicated the virus... and thank goodness she did. She said if she had not seen those that she would have had to hospitalize Reagan over night and run test after test! My poor baby! It has been a long few days.... Her fever is down today and she hasn't thrown up since last night, but she is still super fussy. It's been difficult to juggle her and Clayton. Luckily he hasn't contracted whatever it is yet! He has a strong immune system though - or so I like to believe. He has only really been sick a few times in his whole nearly 14 months of life!

We're still trying to figure out the best way to handle both kiddos. Right now I don't think we quite have it down! I haven't cooked in days... The only laundry I have done is the babies laundry so that they could have clean PJ's and burp cloths. Darren and I are running out of clothes though, lol! You would not like to step into our house right now. It's rather scary! OH, and I forgot to mention, in the past week we have had TWO snakes at our house! One was just a bull snake in our garage (huge and ugly, but not harmful) and the other was a rattlesnake IN OUR YARD. Luckily Darren found it and killed it before it could bite our dog, or worse yet, Clayton or us! Oh my goodness! So scary!

Hopefully things will be on the up-and-up for us here soon! Prayers are much appreciated! ;-)

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