Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Clayton at 13 months

Although I didn't plan on continuing Clayton's monthly letters past his first birthday (I'll be a little busy doing sister's letters!), I still wanted some place to document all of his fun milestones and changes! Here's what Clayton did between 12 and 13 months!

- Waves hi and bye (while saying "hi!")
- Every time you ask what the dog says he pants like a dog (which is the sign for dog!)
- Nearly runs everywhere he goes
- Brings you the pillow pet when he is tired
- Drinks milk (spits out the first swallow though!)
- Usually only naps once per day for a long period of time
- Still loves baths and playing in the water
- Wants to be outside ALL OF THE TIME
- Can follow directions (for ex. Can you bring mommy her shoe?)
- Says "down" which also means "up", haha
- Gives sister kisses!
- Gives everyone kisses when asked!
- Hums "swing swing"
- Loves playing with his airplane and tractors
- Brings you a book that he selected for you to read (then wants it read over and over)
- Gives you acknowledgement when you ask him questions (for ex. Are you hungry?)
- Has 4 teeth on top, 4 teeth on bottom, and 2 molars on top
- Loves candy, especially M&M's (oops!)
- Always wants to eat what you are eating
- Wears a size 3 diaper during the day, size 4 at night, 12 month clothes, and size 5 shoe
- Has had a bit of toddler regression and wakes up once per night crying
- Only takes 3 bottles per day now (we're working on getting rid of the thing!)
- Likes to throw food off of the high chair when he's done eating
- Walks like a champ on all surfaces and knows to slow down when he comes to a step
- Steers his airplane around (knows to turn before running in to something)

I'm sure there is more! We are so in love with our little toddler! He is such a good big brother to Reagan already! He is the sweetest boy and we are so blessed to be his parents!

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