Sunday, May 20, 2012

One Month!

Happy One Month Birthday, Reagan E!

You are a whole month old already! Where did that time go?! You are already proving to be just as good of a baby as your brother was - and we are very thankful for that! ;-) You do have a gassier tummy than he did, but we have been figuring you out and you're much happier now!

Your days in the hospital were really quite wonderful. You nursed very well from the get-go, and you passed all of your tests with flying colors! You slept well, ate well, and went to the bathroom well! hehe... This made Mommy & Daddy feel so great! We knew that you were healthy and happy! You were born on Wednesday afternoon and we took you home on Friday afternoon! Your big brother was sure happy to have us home! Speaking of, your big brother loves you so much already! He gives you kisses all of the time, and he likes to rock you in your bouncer!

You are such a strong girl and you have held your head so well on your own since you were born. You surprised us in the hospital when we would lay you on our chests and you'd lift your head to look around! Now when we lay you on your tummy you can turn your head both directions! You don't move around as much as your brother did, so we can stick you in a nice swaddle in your cradle and you'll stay sleeping like that until it is time to eat again!

You are eating about every 4 hours now, but sometimes only every 3. You've gone 3-4 hours since you were born! For the first two weeks Mommy set an alarm to wake you up to eat after 4 hours. I just wanted to make sure that you were growing big and strong! You are nursing and also getting breast milk from a bottle. You prefer to take the milk from the bottle! You get fussy when breastfeeding, and Mommy thinks it is because the milk comes out so fast! Poor girl! You haven't had any formula yet except for about an ounce that they gave you in the hospital to fill you up since Mommy's milk hadn't come in yet.

Just before you turned a month old you got to take your first airplane ride! Your great-grandfather passed away in New York, and so Mommy & Daddy took you with us to the funeral. You were such a good girl! We had many compliments on how pretty you were and what a good baby you were! Your great-grandmother said that she never heard you cry the whole trip! =) We were hoping you'd be able to meet your great-grandparents this July, but God had other plans. We know that Papa is looking down and smiling from heaven on his beautiful great-granddaughter!

Another first that you had just before your month birthday was that you smiled! A real smile - not just gas! You love to stare into our eyes and when we smile and talk to you, you smile back! You have such a beautiful smile! We love it!

Some of your likes: being held, being swaddled, being rocked. Some of your dislikes: being naked, baths (because your naked), getting into the car seat. Growth wise you are still wearing all newborn clothing, so I am guessing you're somewhere in the 8 pounds range. At your two week check-up you weighed 7lbs 12oz and were 20" long. You were in the 30th % for weight, 40th % for height, and only 8th % for your head circumference! hehe.. You also wear newborn sized diapers still. By this point your brother was wearing some 0-3, so you are slightly smaller than him! You have the longest fingers and toes, and the most hair we've ever seen on a newborn! It is dark but underneath is a light shade of brown. Your eyes are the most beautiful shade of blue - even lighter than your brothers at this age!

You have been such a good baby already and we are so blessed to be your parents! We can't wait to see what the future has in store for you! It is so much fun to watch you and your brother interact each day. Soon enough you'll be able to play together!

We love you so much, baby girl! Happy Birthday!


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