Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Clayton at 14 Months

Clayton's many achievements and advances between 13 and 14 months! He's such a cutie... getting quite the little personality! ;-)

- Can say "hi", "up", "down", "cheese", "sister", "dada", "mama" (although only once I'm still counting it! Little stinker!)
- Still says "hot" all of the time! And with a lot of emphasis!
- Signs "more" and "dog"
- Will tell you what the dog and cat say when you ask: Dog is a pant, like the sign, and cat is "maw"
- Claps anytime anyone else is clapping, even when that is on TV
- Dances A LOT! Mostly just taps one foot at a time and sways from side to side
- Turned to the camera and said "cheese" and gave a super cheesy smile!
- Imitates what you say. If you say "thank you" he will say it in his own words but with the same emphasis and tone that you used
- Down to only two bottles per day: morning and night! Hooray!
- Loves to give sister kisses.... and therefor all babies in general!
- Waves hi and bye, and will wave when we start to pack up our things to leave
- Runs everywhere instead of walking!
- "Drives" everything with wheels
- Loves trains
- Loves swimming in Pop & Gia's pool! Was a little afraid at first but is getting used to it!
- Understands and follows requests
- Not so easy during church! Likes to talk, and always wants down!
- Starting to get an interest in watching tv. Likes Dinosaur Train on PBS
- Wearing 12 month clothes still and a size 3 diaper
- Has 12 teeth! 4 teeth and 2 molars on top and 4 teeth and 2 molars on bottom!
- Drinks milk really well now
- Back to sleeping all night! Sometimes wakes up crying but goes back to sleep once the paci is found!
- Brings you shoes anytime he wants to go outside. Will even try to put them on your feet!
- Gets to ride forward in his car seat now since the backseat wouldn't fit both of their seats turned around, and loves it! Loves to look out the window at everything!

Our sweet boy is growing and changing so much. We love him to pieces!

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