Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tackling Two

Since I started back at work a week ago I've been getting both kiddos up and ready in the mornings by myself. Well, all except one day that Darren was able to stay and help. Last night Darren had to spend the night in Oklahoma because of work and so I had the kids by myself for the whole evening/night and then again this morning. I'll have them again this evening too until he makes it back. I don't want to come across as sounding like I think I am super mom or anything, because I feel FAR from it, but I just wanted to document how I've been handling things, since this is MY blog! ;-)

It's been a huge challenge to try to pump, feed Reagan, feed Clayton, and get them changed and packed up for the day... plus try to make myself presentable for work. Monday I came in with my hair in a pony tail and no make up. Guess it's a good thing that I moved to the back office! ;-) It doesn't matter what time I get up.... I always try to beat the kids (from waking up, not physically, haha!) and it seems like they always know. Mostly Reagan will start to fuss and want to be fed. This morning it was Clayton who woke up 30 minutes early. Darn kid! ;-) I've been packing their diaper bags the night before so that things would be easier in the mornings, but I still wash bottles and pack milk for Reagan every morning.

Last night was fun.... ha! I wrote this to my mom about the run-down of our evening:

Reagan was asleep when we got home around 5:30 so Clayton and I played for a while and then I started his dinner at 6. BTW again, he eats those raviolis you bought now! I even bought more the other day! Ok, anyway, so fed him and when he was done then Reagan started to fuss to eat. So he got down to play more and I fed her. Then I bathed both kids (he played in the bathroom with me while I bathed her). The problem came when it was time for bed. Since he still wants to be rocked that requires holding him.... well, she was fussy too. So I tried rocking him upstairs while she was in the swing. She started crying so I put him in the crib to go get her... he started bawling... came back upstairs with her and just sat in his rocking chair with her while I sang and he eventually put himself to sleep in the crib. Then I went back down (9:30pm) and started washing bottles, feeding myself, etc... but Reagan was fussy so needed to be held. She finally went to bed around midnight. Only got up at 3:30 to eat and then I was up at 6:30 to shower and start the day. I am whipped! haha!

Although it has definitely been challenging, we are starting to get adjusted. I don't know what I would do without my amazing husband though. He's such a good Daddy! Most nights he spends the majority of his time playing with Clayton and keeping him entertained. That kid is going-going-going... non-stop! We have made sure though to have an equal balance... so I still get Clayton time and he still gets Reagan time. So far it is working out nicely! We're not sticklers to any sort of schedule though, and maybe we need to be. I think it's time we start making Clayton have a set bedtime. Right now we just sort of make him start to go to sleep around 8:30 if he's not acting tired yet. And we just let him wake up whenever he wants to in the morning, which is usually around 7:30. I guess with a schedule we'd be able to know more about when we needed to do what. Hmm...

I definitely believe that God would never give me more than I could handle... but I definitely also know that He is the one who is keeping me going right now! He gave me two beautiful blessings and I am so proud to be their mother!

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  1. DEAR LORD, just reading that made me EXHAUSTED!!! WOW. Yeah, a schedule might be a good idea for Clayton. At least during the week and then on weekends, you can put him to bed later so that he'll wake up later. Does he have a schedule for nap times? That really helped us set Liliana's schedule because we knew that if she went down for a nap at a certain time, she'd probably want to go down to sleep about 4 hours after she woke up (at Clayton's age).

    Thinking of you! Love you! You're doing SUCH a great job!