Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Update on babies!

So, I figured I'd write a quick update as I work on Clayton's 12 month post because some of you might be wondering how things are going! I'm 38 weeks and 2 days and I feel better than I did last week. Not so much cold wise - still have a horrible sinus infection - but I have more energy (thanks to my mom being here and taking care of chores/Clayton), and I have not had as many braxton hicks. I do still get them when I do too much - i.e. walking long distances, lifting Clayton multiple times, etc.. My doc appt went great but they won't check my cervix again until 39 weeks. They said if I had been having any regular contractions that they would, but since I obviously wasn't then not much has changed probably. Time to bust out the spicy food, walking, and, well... you know! ;-) Jk... sort of! Those things did NOTHING with Clayton, so I'm not convinced they'd help much with getting Reagan here, haha!

Clayton is doing so much better. We determined that he was getting his 12 month molars - so thank you, Jill for pointing that out! We gave him motrin in his night time bottle for two nights and that helped him get out of his funk. Then, since my mom is here, she has been taking him at night instead of us bringing him down to our room. I think that has helped a TON. Now if he wakes up (which he did not last night - hooray!!!) then she just rubs his back, still in his crib, and he goes back to sleep. So much better! And, now, we're getting to sleep more which is so needed! I only woke up once last night and it was not until 6am - had to pee!

I'll have his 12 month post up soon! Stay tuned! He has changed so much! I love my little toddler!!!!! He's precious beyond words!

Thanks again for all of your help and prayers if you sent them up, hehe! Everything was very appreciated and very helpful! Yall are the best!

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