Monday, April 23, 2012

Reagan's Birth Story

Our baby girl, Reagan Elizabeth, entered this world on April 18th at 1:54pm. She weighed 7 pounds 8 ounces and was 19 inches long at birth. Just an ounce heavier than her brother, but a whole half an inch shorter! My mom claims she knew she'd be shorter and fatter, haha! I however was predicting a smaller baby! Oh well! As you know, my body once again decided that it was not ready to have a baby - even though my contractions had really been progressing me along throughout my final week. At my 40 week checkup I was already almost dilated to a 4. Since I tested positive for the Group B virus this time around (I was negative with Clayton), my doctor wanted a different plan of attack. Instead of letting me go ahead and wait it out he wanted me to come in as soon as possible to be induced. Living 30 minutes from town and already being so dilated was working against me, so we set the date for Wednesday!

The night before we went into the hospital we said goodbye to our baby... who would no longer technically be our baby when we returned. It was so hard to leave Clayton. I nearly cried knowing that I wouldn't get to see him for at least a day. The longest that we had ever been apart from him was less than 15 hours. Around 6am the alarm clock went off and up we were - leaving for the hospital to meet our second blessing from God! We arrived at around 7am and were up in labor and delivery by 7:15. They had me fill out all of the required paperwork and then I was in bed ready for penicillin and pitocin at 7:30. Walking in to the hospital I was already dilated to almost a 5! I thought for sure that it would be the quickest labor ever! Welll......

Being positive for Group B meant that I needed to have two doses of penicillin through me before Reagan was born. They had to be given at least 4 hours apart. Bummer #1. The pitocin that they gave me had to be regulated based on how fast I was progressing because of this. Instead of filling me up and letting me labor quickly it was a bit drawn out! Darren, my mom, and my mom-in-law were all excellent labor coaches. Darren rubbed my back through contractions and my mom made me focus on objects and breathe through the contractions. At first contractions were nothing like they were when being induced with Clayton. They were controllable, predictable, and had breaks in between for me to rest. I was positive that I could make it all the way without an epidural! Well...... ;-)

Around noon the anesthesiologist came in to just discuss my options with me. I hadn't requested anything by this point. I was dilated to a 7 and really didn't think I had that much longer to go. However, the time that he was in the room I quickly began to have really strong contractions. So strong that I was beginning to lose all of my strength that I needed for labor. I was tired and getting weak, so Darren and I decided that it wasn't worth it and that I should just get the epidural. About 12:45 he came back in to give me the epidural. I was more than ready at this point to have some relief! Welll...... (are you seeing a pattern?!)

The epidural did not go as planned. The poor guy had a hard time getting it positioned correctly in my back. I now have 5 injection scabs on the right side of my back to prove it. Though it all I began to enter transition, so contractions were close and super strong. He would have to stop what he was doing to let me labor through the contraction and then try to hurry to get something done before the next one started. Leaning over the bed the entire time did not help anything, as that only helped gravity work and Reagan progress faster! The entire time I was bawling... I don't know if I have ever really cried that hard. Ok, I'm sure I have, but I don't remember! Everything he was doing with the epidural needle hurt like hell. Every numbing shot he gave hurt like hell. The contractions hurt like hell. My mom and Andrea were outside the room waiting for me to me to finish getting the epidural. My mom couldn't take listening to me cry anymore so she barged in the room! My labor nurse and Darren had been amazing and had been trying to comfort me. Having my mom there definitely helped things as well. Finally the doc said he thought he had it in well. I did not feel any pain in my leg when he injected the medicine so I thought maybe he did get it in. Welll.....

My labor nurse came back to test to see if the epidural worked and we soon found out that it did not. I still had full sensation in my legs, and could feel my contractions entirely except for one spot on the left side. So basically, the epidural worked.... for the smallest portion of my left side. This is where time all runs together for me because I was in so much pain! My doctor came in around 1:20 or so to break my water. About 20 minutes later I was all the way dilated and it was time to push! I don't remember exactly when I started pushing but I know it was only 4 times! ;-) Yahoo! The worst part was waiting in between contractions and, excuse the TMI, but giving myself time to stretch and prevent tearing. That hurt like hell! Whoa! I am glad that I did not have to experience that with Clayton, seeing as he was my first baby! I was definitely more prepared down there! It was pretty funny though because as soon as she started crowning we could see her full head of hair! Baby girl has so much hair!!! haha!

Shortly after Reagan was born I was able to nurse her. I did not get to experience this with Clayton and it was truly wonderful. She latched on immediately and began to nurse! What a feeling! Everyone kept commenting on her hair! And that she looked like her big brother! =) Not a bad thing... that kid is cute! haha! I only had a small tear on the lateral side and two stitches later I was good to go!

Recovery this go-around has been so easy. I only used one ice pack and used the dermaplast spray about three times. That is amazing compared to how I was with Clayton. Darren had to help me to the bathroom, help dress/dermaplast me, etc... this time I walked to postpartum, and immediately was able to get around the room on my own. So much better! However, this time, my back was so incredibly sore from all of the epidural injections. I wish that I hadn't even tried to get one. I basically went completely natural but had all of the added pain from the doctor trying to administer the epidural. Ouchies....

Our time in the hospital was also completely different than with Clayton. I had an appetite and so ate and drank well. We were smart this go-around and sent Reagan off to the nursery at night so that we could get some sleep between feedings. With Clayton I thought sending him to the nursery meant that I was a failure.... but shoot, you NEED that sleep after delivering a baby! Even though it was only a few hours at a time it was glorious! Plus then the nurses are able to take care of the baby and run all of their tests without bothering you!

We were able to come home on Friday afternoon. Clayton has been such a wonderful and sweet big brother already. He already knows who "sister" is. We're not sure what we'll call her. For now she is either sister or baby. I'll write all about their interaction sometime soon! Here's a few pictures to tide you over until then! ;-) We are truly truly blessed. We have two wonderful babies. Two beautiful blessings from God. Life is good! (But crazy... don't get me wrong... another post! haha!)

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  1. I'm so glad you're feeling well! I've heard that recovery is easier the second go around and I'm really hoping that's the case with me too! Evan's going back to work ... well, he's not even taking a day off work, haha ... so I need to be able to do everything the second I get home! SCARY!

    I'm so sorry you had a rough time with the epidural. I can COMPLETELY relate. It seems like it's either hit or miss, but I'm with you, when they're trying to place the epidural and it isn't working, it is HORRIBLE. I remember that being the most painful experience of my life, honestly. I'm going to TRY not to get one this time just because I had such a bad experience, but knowing how good your first experience was makes me think maybe this time I'd actually have one that works! Who knows! : )

    Miss you guys!!!