Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Induction Time.... Again!

Well, dear readers... apparently I either make stubborn children, or my body is just really dumb and does not like to have babies on my own! ;-) We are off to the hospital bright and early (or well, dark and early) in the morning to be induced. Have to be there at 7am and the doctor seems to think I'll have her by lunch! Here's hoping! ;-) I will only have to have pitocin this time and since I'm already dilated to a 4 I do not have much further to go until the pushing begins! I asked to wait as long as we could before inducing but my doctor was concerned about me laboring too quickly. I tested positive for the strep b virus this go around (was negative with Clayton) and so they need to be able to get enough rounds of antibiotics through my system before Reagan is born. That is why we're inducing now as opposed to a week from now, or letting me go into labor on my own. If for some reason I do go into labor tonight then I have strict instructions to get my butt up to the hospital as fast as I can! I am still hoping for a natural birth (no meds!), but we will just see how it goes! My contractions were really strong and painful today, but were way more easy to tolerate then the ones that were brought on by my induction with Clayton.

I'm sad that once again I will miss out on the true going in to labor experience. No timing contractions or rushing to the hospital on our own time. But, this is the way it has to be! And, I'd much rather have my baby girl be healthy then risk something bad happening to her. They (Dr. Google) say that if the mother has had antibiotics that there is only a 1 in 4000 chance that anything will happen to the baby. However, without antibiotics there is a 1 in 20 chance. So, it's much better to go ahead and get the antibiotics! They can't give them to you before you start labor either which is a total pain in the rear... otherwise I'd say put me on them now!

We just left Clayton off at Darren's grandma's house for the night and tomorrow. My mom is spending the night there with them and will leave for the hospital when we do. That way Clayton has her there, since he's used to her, and we don't have to wake him up and transport him early in the morning. It was so hard to leave him though. I don't know if they'll allow him to come visit us in the hospital but I sure hope they do! I don't know how long I can go without my little boy! This will be the longest we've ever been apart from him! We, Darren and I both, have only spent one night apart from him his whole life, and that was for about 15 hours while Andrea & Scotty took him to the lake before we met them up there. So, this will be difficult to say the least. Say some prayers I make it through! ;-)

I hope to update a little sooner than I did with Clayton's birth - hehe.... I struggled with the baby blues after Clayton was born, so blogging and uploading pictures was not at the top of my priorities list. Hopefully things go a lot smoother with baby girl! =) Can't believe the next time I update I will be a mother of TWO! WOW! So much has changed in the past year! Crazy!

Prayers are much appreciated! Thanks in advance! Love to you all!

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